Day: February 27, 2019

woman in bra
Be Stylish

One Size Does Not Fit All: Understanding Bra Shapes for Your Body Type

Women still don’t take care of finding the right bra. While there’s a movement to free the nipple out there, having the right bra is still crucial for your shape. 80% of women buy the wrong bra size, but here’s the problem. There are few blogs out there that give the right help when it […]

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sobriety sign
Be Healthy

Happy, Healthy, Sober: 5 Must-Know Benefits of Sobriety

Going from a life of addiction to a life of sobriety may seem like a completely unattainable goal. In the depths of addiction, sobriety may not even seem like an option at all.  But the truth is that achieving sobriety is a life-changing event. It’s a way to get your relationships, career, health, and finances […]

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