Day: February 7, 2019

wedding ring and bride and groom

Should You Pick out Your Own Wedding Ring and Band? The Picky Bride’s Guide

As you close your eyes at night, you can picture it. You see your beloved gazing into your eyes. Getting down on one knee. Pledging to love you forever. Finally, they take out the ring…and it’s hideous. So many women dream of the perfect proposal but are terrified that their soon-to-be fiance will pick out […]

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patches on clothing
Be Stylish

Trendy Patch Ideas: 10 Stylish Ways to Wear Patches on Your Clothing

Leather jackets, overalls, and crop tops are all your favorite go-to pieces right now. But these trends were first introduced in the 1940s and 90s. Thought your parents had no style?  Wrong! It’s not uncommon for old trends to come back on the scene. We’ve seen this happen with chokers and cut-off jeans too. And […]

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