Day: December 19, 2018

brand on giant sign

Forget Small Business; Go For The Brand: How To Make Your Side Hustle Into A Lifestyle Brand In 2019

Over 40 million Americans¬†have reported having a side hustle that they do outside of their typical nine to five. Some of them do it for extra cash, while others see it as their true passion and life’s calling.¬† However, many people feel that it’s impossible to ever turn their side hustle into something more or […]

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Be Happy

5 Self-Love Practices to Help You Love Who You Are

The modern world we live in calls for constant improvements to our external appearance. Women feel the pressure to not only look good at all times but also to maintain a great mood, and still be successful in all areas of life. This makes it incredibly difficult to be satisfied with anything less than perfection. […]

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