Day: November 10, 2018

bouquet of flowers
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Sofia's Picks

Don’t Wait for a Man! Why You Should Buy Yourself Flowers Instead

Ladies, don’t wait for a man to spoil you and buy you flowers. Buy yourself flowers, it’s empowering and something every woman should do. Here’s why!

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lacoste crocodile
Be Stylish

The Story Behind the Iconic Logo: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Lacoste Crocodile

The Lacoste crocodile has been an iconic logo for decades, but are you familiar with its interesting history? Here are 7 fun facts you probably didn’t know.

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bachelorette party ideas
Be Stylish

5 Bachelorette Party Ideas That Every Bride to Be Will Love

If you’ve been put in charge of throwing together a bachelorette party, use these bachelorette party ideas to help you create a day to remember!

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