12 Awesome Home Organization Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

home organization hacks

Benjamin Franklin is not famous for his home organization hacks. He did come up with one of the most important tips to organize your home. He said, “A place for everything and everything in its place”.

Stop feeling like your home is a cluttered mess that you’re drowning in. Here are 12 awesome home organization hacks that’ll prove everything has its place – even if you have to create it.

1. Roll Organizer

Do you find it difficult to find your foil and plastic wrap in a drawer? Even when you do find them, you have to find the ends and pull out what you need and then stow them away again. It would be so much better if you had them to hand when you need them.

Buy some simple plastic hooks from a DIY store. Attach two hooks to the wall exactly the width of a standard foil or plastic wrap dispenser with the hooks facing inwards. Attach the dispensers to the hooks and pull out what you need.

2. Colored Pen Storage

Boxes full of colored pens or pencils are so frustrating. Finding the right color takes more time than it’s worth. Try this idea using a wine rack.

Take a standard wine rack that holds about nine bottles on their sides. Place plastic cups or cut down plastic soda bottles in each space in the wine rack. Use the cups to hold similar colored pens or pencils.

3. Earbud Store

Earbuds seem to be designed for maximum frustration. They instantly form a knotted mess of cable. You need a stress management course just to unravel them.

Take two old-fashioned wooden clothespins. Glue them together facing opposite directions. Wrap the earbud cable around the pins securing the ends with the spring-loaded clips.

4. Pallet-based Storage Solution

Pallets seem to be in fashion now. They are increasingly used as DIY furniture. We’ve seen pallets made into TV cabinets, tables and more.

Hung sideways on a wall, painted and fitted with hooks, they make excellent rustic storage solutions. Make sure that whatever method you use to attach the pallet to the wall is sufficient to carry the load of the pallet plus the things you store on it. The rustic look works really well as an outdoor or garden storage.

5. Under the Sink Storage

Does your under the kitchen sink cupboard overflow with loose detergent bottles. There seems to be a spray bottle for every cleaning job in the house. It’s difficult to find the right one and you end up knocking half of them over.

Attach an extending curtain rod or rail between the walls of the cupboard. Fix it high enough for you to hang a row of your detergent spray bottles by the triggers. Leave some space below them for baskets of brushes, cloths, and dusters.

6. Plug and Play

Do you ever find that storing electrical devices with their electrical cord and plug is difficult? The cord unravels and the plug gets snagged on other things. Devices with their own cable storage are rare.

Wrap the cord around your appliance. Attach one side of a Velcro strip to the plug and the other side to the body of the appliance at a point that will keep the cord tight and secure. Attach the plug to the body of the appliance for no more trailing cords or loose plugs.

7. Organize Your Drawers

Drawers are great for storing your belongings but if you are storing small items the drawer can quickly turn into a chaotic jumble of random objects. You need a method of turning the chaos into structure and organization.

Whenever you have a box-shaped object think “drawer organizer.” Even a cereal box can be cut down and covered in colored paper or self-adhesive plastic to make a storage compartment. Separate your different types of makeup or sewing bits and bobs easily and neatly.

8. Flexible Bungee-based Storage

Drill a hole at each end of a short plank of wood. Loosely stretch a bungee cord between the holes and around the back of the plank. Knot the cord so you have a loop around the front and back of the plank.

Fasten the plank of wood onto a wall as you would a picture frame with the bungee looped over a picture hook. Use the loop of bungee on the front of the plank to hook on glasses, scarves or ties.

9. Seasonal Clothing Rotation

You may have a shortage of wardrobe space. You can’t have all your clothes at hand, all the time but do you really need them all year around? When was the last time you wore that winter sweater?

If you have seasonal items in your wardrobe you could release the space by using big plastic storage bins. Store winter items under the bed or in a spare room over the summer. Swop your summer clothes with them when things cool down.

10. Roll With It

Storing T-shirts or sweaters in a drawer is difficult. If you put them one on top of another you can’t find the one you want without messing all the others up. This is one of the best organization tips for the home.

Fold the sleeves in the normal way but instead of folding the body in half, roll the T-shirt up. Place the rolled T-shirts in a row in your draw so every T-shirt is visible. You will also find that they are easily accessible.

9. Space Saving Desk Storage

Space for a permanent desk is difficult to find but perhaps you have wall space and temporary desk space. A desk surface fastened to a wall with hinges allows you to fold it down when needed and stow it away when not in use. Fold-out legs fastened to the wall below the desk can support the weight of the desk surface.

10. Clear Storage Boxes

Finding things is sometimes more of a challenge than storing them. Use clear plastic boxes so the contents are always visible to reduce time hunting for things. Small boxes work when organizing the pantry and larger ones in the garage.

11. Re-purpose CD Racks

You may have disposed of your old CDs when you decided to go for downloads or streamed music. The storage racks could come in handy for storing the lids of Tupperware and other plastic containers.

12. Label Storage Containers

You may feel pleased with yourself when you organize your home using storage containers. Your work is not done yet. It will not take long before your belongings are mixed up and chaotic again.

The key is to have a clear label for each storage container describing the contents. This way you will put things back in the right place. Also, if you discover that an item does not fit any of the descriptions you know to create a new container and label.

Try These Home Organization Hacks

With a little effort and creativity, you can make your home life so much better. These home organization hacks mean you have more space, find things easily and have a more comfortable home.

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