5 Ways You Can Be a Boss in a Male-Dominated Career

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Getting ahead in your workplace can already be a challenge. But if you are trying to do it in a mostly male atmosphere, it can be even tougher.

But it doesn’t have to be. Women can climb the ranks and be respected, trusted and successful.

More and more, women are entering areas for their career where it has been male-dominated. They are entering and succeeding.

It doesn’t matter what field you are in. There is no reason you can’t break through the ranks to become the boss. Let’s take a look at how you can be a boss, be respected and succeed.

How to be a Boss

Being in charge can be very rewarding, especially if you worked hard and earned the position.

1. Don’t Play the Woman Card

There is nothing more annoying than someone constantly reminding you of something you already know. Everyone knows you are a woman, perhaps even the only woman there. Stop dragging it out.

Don’t use it for excuses for not being able to do something. Don’t pull it out when you feel something is unjust or not fair.

It’s likely nothing to do with the fact you are female. And even if it is about you being a woman, don’t acknowledge it.

Go for a beer or to a baseball game with your co-workers when they invite you. Or, just ask if you can tag along. Having a drink outside of the workplace can show you as “one of the guys,” and help them stop seeing you as an outsider.

2. Get a Mentor

Find someone you can follow and learn from. This can be another woman who has succeeded within the company or within the field. It’s very helpful to be able to ask questions and hear about their challenges.

This will help you understand what they went through so you can avoid some of the mistakes or challenges they had. keep in touch them often, so you can discuss your successes or some problems you are having.

It’s always great to just have a friend with knowledge and advice. prepare questions to ask them and ask about their careers, ask for advice and listen to them. It may not always work for you, but at least it offers you options.

3. Work Hard

Work just as hard as the men do. You have the same training, so you have the same opportunity to rise up through the ranks.

This doesn’t matter where you are, in finance or a mechanic. You just have to be the best financial advisor or mechanic in your workplace.

You also need to have the drive to succeed. Many people are happy to just put in the hours and cash the check.

That’s fine for them. If you want to be the boss, then you need to go the extra mile.

If you want to be the boss, you need to earn it. Ask for things, whether it’s a big account or a certain task or project. Taking on bigger parts of the organization shows you have what it takes to keep growing.

4. Act Like a Boss

Acting professionally is important, even when you are not the boss. It’s a great idea to start off on the right foot as you grow and learn, so there doesn’t seem to be any sudden changes when you are the boss.

Personal Involvement

Becoming romantically involved with someone from work is almost always a bad idea. It can lead to heartache, bad feelings, rumors, and gossip. It can also destroy your credibility and respect.

Be friendly, but not overly friendly and if a romance does start, follow the guidelines set up by the company if there are any. You may need to decide which you want more, and that may not be an easy choice to make.


Acting like a boss means dressing like one, as well. Don’t wear anything too revealing or too sexy for the workplace. You also don’t need the severe power suits, either.

Wear what is expected, something comfortable and something you like. If there is a uniform, don’t flower it up or add a bunch of frilly bits. If you want to dress it up, add a scarf or wear it over another top, like a T-shirt.

Keep the perfume to a minimum. Most places don’t allow it but you are going to work, not a nightclub. Don’t overdo the makeup and hair, either. Dress nicely, but don’t dress like a tart.

5. Say No

Many women have a problem saying no. They are naturally pleasers and tend to get taken advantage of. No, you won’t pick up someone’s lunch or coffee. No, you won’t finish their work without credit.

Use your voice to make your points and ideas heard. Don’t take “No” for a response. You have good ideas, say them out loud. You don’t want to be considered a bitch, but you don’t want to be considered a push-over, either.

You need to be able to take as well as give. If someone is mad or saying something about you, be strong and don’t bow to their level. Be gracious as well and tough.

Who’s The Boss

You are, that’s who! Climbing up through the ranks of a male-dominated field is not as difficult as it has been in the past. If you want to be a boss, then be a great one. learn from others, learn from your past experiences and use those tools to advance yourself and your career.

Women should help women because that sets a great example and in some areas, it may be your only true ally. Although attitudes are changing, it’s still a struggle for many women to reach the highest rungs of the business ladder.

Work hard, enjoy yourself and take care of your health and well-being. here are some more tips for succeeding and staying true to you.

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