Cool Summer Hairstyles: Stay Cool With These 5 Easy Hairstyles for Hot Weather

woman with summer hairstyle

This summer is bringing record high temperatures that are having all of us sweating. Many places are seeing the hottest summer temperatures of the last 200 years!

One way to keep cool is to have the right hairstyle. You want something that will keep your hair up and out of the way.

Try these easy hairstyles to help you keep cool as you face a record hot summer.

1. Slicked Back Ballerina Bun

Keep cool by getting your hair off your neck and shoulders. A classic ballerina bun will look elegant and add a touch of pulled-together style to any outfit.

To get the look, spray your damp hair with texturizing spray. Then pull it into a high and tight ponytail. Twist and wrap the ponytail around the base and pin into place.

Cheat the Look

If you are short on time or struggle to keep your bun in place, then try a donut. You can buy one for cheap, and it creates the same look. This is a great solution if you have shorter hairs that you struggle to keep in place.

Go Sloppy

If your style is a bit more laid back, then swap out an elegant bun for a messy top not. Pull your hair into a ponytail and then on the last pull through don’t pull it all of the way.

Embrace the stray hairs and messiness.

2. Two Beautiful Boho Braids

If you want to keep your hair in place all day and keep cool, then two braids are the way to go. You can change up the style by leaving them down, or tucking them up and wrapping them around your head like a crown.

Divide your head in half, starting at the middle of your forehead. Then starting at the front, braid each half into a French braid as you work your way to the back of your head. Secure each braid with an elastic.

3. Do the French Twist

If you’re heading to the office, then a French twist is the perfect summer hairstyle. It’s classic elegance, and sophistication makes it ideal for your office look.

To pull off the perfect French twist, gather your hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Now flip it up and twist about half the length. Fold the ends down and tuck them under your twist.

Secure everything in place with a clip or bobby pins.

4. Go Classic With a Pony

You can’t go wrong with a classic ponytail. It’s versatile, so no matter what you’re doing, you can make your ponytail the perfect cool hairstyle for your summer activities.

No matter what style you do, you’ll gather your hair and secure it with an elastic. Straighten your hair and place it high on your head for a sleek look. Or embrace the beach vibe and work some curls or waves into it.

You could also place it low or to the side to change things up.

5. Take It off

If these long hairstyles aren’t doing it for you, then you have one final option. Cut it all off! Nothing is cooler and cuter than a pixie cut. But that isn’t your only option; there are plenty of short hairstyles to try.

Try These Easy Hairstyles

Try these easy hairstyles this summer and keep cool. If all else fails, you can always chop it off and embrace a short haircut.

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