7 Tricks Anyone Can Use To Make Friends In A New City

friend laughing over coffee

Imagine moving into a new city, where you know absolutely no one!

Scary right? I know. You can get nervous, especially when you have no idea how to meet people in a new city

We all need friends in our lives, for one reason or another. But the challenge is in making new friends. Today we will look at some cool things that you can do to make new friends.

Having good friends around is one of the best feelings in the world. Read this and learn how to make new friends

First, Reach Out to Mutual Friends

This is a cool trick that works like a charm. You can ask your current friends if they know anyone in your new city. Most likely, you will find one or two. After that, you can get hold of their contacts and reach out to them. Then, you can make friends locally and enjoy your stay.

Be Adventurous

Go out and explore. However, you might find it a little bit scary since you are in a new environment. But try it.

Approach people and have conversations. Be inquisitive and social. People will approach you too, and it could sprout a friendship!

How to Meet People in a New City by Being Friendly

This is the magic trick when meeting friends in your new city. Always smile and look easy to talk to.

Be open-minded. This will create bonds with people, and it could lead to a good friendship. You might even find someone who you might like and would date in the future. However, if you are looking for dates online, you should compare the dating sites.

Join a Local Team or Gym

You can turn your sport into a social session. Sports and workouts are effective ways of meeting new people. For instance, you can interact with new people at the gym or yoga classes. Volunteer in an Activity


You can find a hobby or something you generally like and volunteer. You can do this during your free time. It’s one of the best ways of meeting people in your area. More so, volunteering in activities that you enjoy offers the opportunity to meet people with similar interests as yours.

Join a Faith Group

Definitely, this will not fit everyone. However, if you are a religious person, this is ideal. You can build solid friendships while at the same time getting spiritual nourishment.

Visit Local Shops as Well

You don’t have to buy every single thing in your house online! Go to the local shop and check things out.  You might just meet someone new, or even bump into an old friend.

Make New Friends

How to meet people in a new city can be hard, but the discussed tips above can make it quite easy.  Also, you need to remember first impressions are important when meeting new friends. You should make sure you are well groomed and pleasant, keep smiling.

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