Trending: Kids Fashion Summer 2019

Fashionable kid with hat

While there are many things that parents consider when taking care of their children, kids fashion has quietly been one of the biggest.

In fact, the children’s clothing industry makes over 200 billion dollars, and retailers are expecting that number to grow.

With so much money in kids fashion and so many well-dressed kids, it can be hard to know how your child’s outfits can stand out. Don’t fret though, as we have put together our top four clothing ideas for trendy kids clothes.

Read on to learn how your child’s wardrobe can look “in” this summer.

Bermuda Shorts

Shorts are a staple of a kids fashion in the summer, and a few new pairs of Bermuda shorts would be a perfect addition to your child’s closet. Not only will you have the best-dressed child, but your kid will also be comfortable too.

For starters, shorts will keep your child much cooler than pants will. There are also soft Bermuda shorts available.

This is incredibly important for babies and toddlers. Kids – especially young kids – have thin and sensitive skin. A pair of fleece Bermuda shorts could be the perfect balance between comfortable and fashionable.

Marine Animal Print

Summer means going to the beach or the pool. For 2019, the trendy kid clothes to wear by the water need to include marine animals!

From sharks and lobsters on swimwear to pelicans and octopi on t-shirts, cartoon and stylized animals can make any outfit look absolutely adorable. Plus, they’ll look right at home splishing and splashing in the water!

Anything Bright Yellow

If you haven’t noticed yet, 2019 is the year of yellow.

Last year, Pantone chose multiple colors as the ones to wear in 2019. Aspen Gold is one that has stood out in this year’s top spring and summer outfits. This bright shade of yellow is excellent for keeping your kid’s clothes looking summery and fun.

Because of the bright nature of Aspen Gold, it can help any outfit stand out, no matter how much yellow the clothing has. While a yellow pair of overalls look adorable, even a shirt with just a splash of Aspen Gold can look great. Since the color is so bright, just a little bit can easily stand out by contrasting with more muted colors like black and blue.

With a little bit of yellow, your child’s summer wardrobe can be the height of kids fashion.

Anything With Dinosaurs

When it comes to baby boy clothes, there are a lot of great options to choose from. However, you can never go wrong with dinosaur print clothes.

It’s no secret that kids love dinosaurs. That’s why dinos on their clothes are so great. Not only will your child look precious, but they will love seeing their favorite dinosaur shirt coming out of the closet in the morning.

Dinosaurs are also great because they can be so many shapes and colors. Because dinosaurs are so diverse, they allow your child’s outfits to be as cool or as cute as you want them to be.

Take Your Kid’s Fashion to the Next Level

This summer your child’s wardrobe can be the height of kids fashion.

With some yellow, comfortable shorts, and plenty of animal graphics, your child can be the best dressed kid at summer camp, the beach, or anywhere else they go!