A Working Woman’s Guide to Getting the Benefits of Daily Meditation

woman on yoga mat meditating

Thousands of scientific studies have shown the many benefits of daily meditation.

These include stress and anxiety reduction, improved attention span, pain control, and better quality sleep. And if there’s anyone who needs all those great benefits, it’s today’s busy working woman!

But before you argue that your to-do list is already too full, you don’t have to meditate for hours a day to reap the benefits. A consistent routine of quality meditation daily is far more important.

Keep reading to learn how to fit daily meditation into your life.

Start Small

When you first start meditating, short, manageable sessions are the way to go. Three to five minutes is a good length for beginners. It sounds super short, but if you’re new to meditation, it will feel like forever.

Short meditation sessions also help you establish the momentum it takes to continue your practice long-term. Getting into a routine of regular meditation should be a priority over any worries about the length of your sessions.

Make Time

Now you know that short sessions are all you need to get started, try these tips to make time for daily meditation practice:

  1. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier and find a quiet part of the house to meditate first thing
  2. Trade in 10 minutes of social media time for 10 minutes of meditation
  3. Meditate in the car before you set off for work or after you pull up
  4. During your lunch break or commute, put on noise-canceling headphones and meditate

While many people recommend morning meditation, the best time is one you can stick to. Experiment with different times – such as before bed or when you first get home – to find out what works for you.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

As well as finding an effective meditation time, creating an inviting meditation atmosphere can help you focus and relax.

Sit on a mat or use cushions to ensure you’re comfortable. Reach for a soft blanket for comfort and warmth, and to help you tune into your sense of touch.

Adding scents with a candle or oil diffuser can also create the right mood. If you plan on meditating at work or in your car, carry a small vial of essential oil to ease you into meditation.

Remember Your Motivation

It will be easier to stick to daily meditation practice if you can tie it into your core values or original motivation.

For example, if you’re career-oriented, remind yourself that meditation can help increase your productivity. Or, if started meditating to sleep better, consider how waking up earlier to meditate will become easier as your sleep quality improves.

Maintain Focus

Focusing on your breathing is a common and effective tactic to stop your mind wandering during meditation.

If you find visual stimulation more helpful, try concentrating on a candle flame. Or, you might prefer using mala beads and repeating a mantra to maintain focus.

Unrelated thoughts will still arise. Don’t get frustrated by them or allow them to carry you away. Acknowledge their presence and push them away by bringing your focus back.

Try Daily Meditation for Yourself

Rather than feeling pressured into daily meditation, you should consider the process as one of experimentation.

You’ll soon learn what works for you and what doesn’t. And once you get into a regular routine and start noticing the benefits, daily meditation practice will be a lot easier to stick to.

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