7 Need to Know Jewelry Trends For Women in 2019

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The average American expects an engagement ring to cost them between $1,000 and $5,000.

But, not all of your jewelry needs to be this expensive. This is lucky as jewelry is a great way to change a look without breaking the bank or buying new clothes.

If you’re hoping to stay in trend, you definitely need to know jewelry trends to ensure you look chic! Try mixing and matching a few from this list!

1. Spend More to Ensure You’re Buying Ethical Pieces

Very slowly, consumers are waking up to the idea that the choices they make while shopping can make a huge difference to lives across the world.

For example, do you know who is making your cheap earrings? Sure, they may be cute but are they resulting in the exploitation of workers in a developing country?

Ethical jewelry doesn’t need to be expensive, but it’s rising in popularity as you can create a look while also helping the planet.

Consider companies which use recycled or Fairtrade materials, pay their workers fairly, and support a cause.

For example, Emma Aitchison Jewellery not only uses Fairtrade gold, but it also donates 1% of profits to charities working to fight climate change.

Your jewelry habit could help make a beneficial change in the world! It’s certainly something we need right now.

2. Cushion-Cut Diamonds Are a Trend-Setter’s Best Friend

For 2019, cushion-cut diamonds are a very popular choice. This is a square cut diamond with rounded corners.

This diamond is elegant and very beautiful (but aren’t they all?). However, a diamond will set you back by a large amount of cash.

Of course, if diamonds are your best friend and you can afford it, then a splurge is worthwhile! Why not create your perfect ring and treat yourself?

With Gemvara, you can choose your favorite gems and metals to ensure your ring is just right for your hand. See more here.

3. Grab Some Shells and You’re Beach Body Ready

Did you own a shell necklace when you were young? It’s time to root it out once more.

Shell necklaces are back in style. For those looking for a DIY project, take a trip and run down to the beach with your bucket to collect the best-looking shells.

The runways are showcasing showy, big, and VERY out there shell necklaces. So, if you dare, why not let your creativity run wild and dress up an otherwise boring outfit with a shell necklace?

Don’t want to go too overboard? Then instead make sure to pick up a smaller shell bracelet on your next beach holiday.

It’s a great reminder of good times on the beach when you’re back at your office desk. But, it also proves you follow the latest jewelry fashion trends.

4. Bright Resin Pieces are Cute Yet Inexpensive

If diamonds are too expensive, but shells are a little too cheap, then why not look out for resin pieces?

You’ll be able to dress up any outfit with bright colored earrings and can let your personality shine through.

Love drinking? Why not get resin wine bottle earrings for your night out with friends? Into nature? Look for bright green leaf earrings.

If you check out Etsy, you’ll be amazed by the thousands of cute resin earrings you can get for an affordable price. Better yet, you’re supporting small artisans too.

Just remember, when you’re over your earrings make sure to properly recycle these pieces. Acrylic plastic doesn’t break down easily and we don’t need more waste ruining the environment!

5. Gold Chains are Hitting the Runways

In a nod to the 80s and 90s, gold chains are back and becoming more and more fashionable amongst influencers.

If you’re regularly trawling through Instagram, you’ll likely have seen that gold is very “in” right now and the more you wear the better for some.

But, before you head out to buy a gold necklace or new hoops, you may want to learn about where the trend originated.

6. Multiple Earrings Scream Kate Moss

How do you feel about multiple ear piercings? If one was painful enough for you, then multiplying your earrings isn’t an easy option.

But, if you love piercings, then this is the time to get many holes in your ears to add new pieces.

Think small earrings that are similar in colors, work well together yet are simple enough to not be too ‘in your face’. That’s the 2019 trend!

Perhaps avoid layering both earrings and necklaces, unless that’s your vibe! Otherwise, channel your inner Kate Moss and add as many earrings to your ears as possible.

7. Mismatch Earrings Because Not Everything Has to Be Perfect

If the multiple earrings look isn’t for you, then try out the mismatched look. This one doesn’t even require you to buy new pieces.

Instead, choose your two favorite pairs and wear BOTH! Not only is this keeping up with the latest fashion trend, but it’s also enabling you to wear everything you love at once.

Sure, someone in the office might point out to you that you’re wearing mismatching earrings, but tell them it’s FASHION and that they wouldn’t understand…

8. Charms Are Charmingly Retro and Back in Fashion

Remember how everyone used to wear charms? 2019 is bringing back this fashion trend.

Buy them for yourself and for your friends! Wear a bracelet full or charms or simply wear one cute charm on your necklace.

The best thing about charms is that you can show off your personality via your jewelry. Love pizza? Get a charm for it! Always wanted a French Bulldog? Show it off on your wrist.

Integrate These 2019 Need to Know Jewelry Trends

Now you know the “need to know jewelry trends”, what are you waiting for? Choose your own and wear it out!

Flaunt your style by mixing and matching all eight of these trends. Perhaps you can wear mismatching charms or multiple gold hoops with small resin studs?

By feeling confident in your jewelry choices, you’ll likely feel much sexier. If you need further tips on how to feel confident and sexy, check out this article!