It’s All in the Eyes: The Top 10 Tips for Applying Mascara Like a Pro

woman applying mascara

Is your mascara turning you into a monster?

Happens to the best of us.

If you need help applying mascara, we’ve got 10 top tips you’ll need to know for you feeling sexy and confident for your next night out!

Read on to get rid of those spider leg lashes once and for all.

1. Both Sides, Now

Tell me, when you’re applying mascara, how many sides do you cover?

Sounds like a trick question, right? We promise, it’s not.

Once you’ve applied a coat of mascara to the front side of your lashes, you’re only halfway there! That’s right, there’s a whole backside to your eyelashes that you’ve been missing out on for all these years!

To get that full coverage on the backside of your lashes, wait a moment for the first coat to settle in. Then, look down and apply the mascara to the other side of your lashes. This will help plump up your lashes for a fuller effect. To make sure your lashes still curl up and out, give a little flick of the wrist once you’re nearing the ends.

Finally, apply another coat to the front of your lashes for even more lift and volume.

2. Baby’s Bottom Lashes

Having trouble with clump mascara in your lashes? We’ve got the trick for you!

For this tip, you’ll need a small shadow brush and some baby powder or translucent powder. Dust on the powder using the brush after each coat of mascara.

This will help the mascara cling to your lashes better, allowing for a more even coat. Plus, dusting the powder on will help keep the separation between the lashes that you desire.

Doing this trick will net you the thicker lashes you’re after quick and easy!

3. Bend and Snap

Tons of makeup artists swear by this trick, and makeup production companies are following suit.

Bend your mascara wands.

We know, it sounds crazy to cause harm to this magical, little wand. But you’re not doing yourself any favors contorting your arm around trying to get the perfect angles for applying mascara.

Instead, just give the tip a gentle snap. Just enough so that it lays more horizontally, less like a pencil. This will greatly improve the range of motion you have with this wand, without having to twist your arm out of its socket.

The more precision you have, the easier it is to apply and the better your results will be. Your inner and outer eye corners will thank you!

4. Roasty Toasty

You’ve heard of honey’s indefinite shelf life? Sad to say, mascara ain’t like honey. It gets old.

And when mascara gets old, it gets clumpy. Yuck.

Now, there will be a time that you’ll have to retire your old mascara and get a new one. Fact of life. But, you can extend that time by adding a little heat to the mix!

Make sure the cap is tightly screwed on, and then submerge your mascara in a glass of hot water. The heat will allow the mascara mixture to smooth out and de-coagulate. Give it a vigorous shaking after about 5 minutes in the hot water to evenly distribute everything again.

Voila! Your mascara is good as new for a little while longer.

5. Line It Up

The lashes are only a piece of the full canvas. To really get every detail to pop, we need to paint all of it!

We’re sure you’ve always got an eyeliner pencil on you, but if you don’t—mascara to the rescue! Just wiggle the tip of your wand close to your water line. This will get extra coverage on your lashes, and a dark backdrop to really make them pop!

For even more precision, use an angled eyeliner brush to apply. It should fit right into the mascara tip, just a quick dip and go for extra definition.

6. Clean Your Teeth

Just kidding! Dental hygiene is important, but we’re actually after your toothbrush for this tip. Well, spare toothbrush.

Clumpy mascara happens, and waving your wand probably isn’t going to fix it. Instead, use a clean toothbrush to comb through your eyelashes. This will get rid of the spider eyes nice and easy!

7. Stop, Drop, and Twirl

Let’s say this loud and clear for all y’all in the back: stop pumping your wand.

Pumping your mascara wand might seem like a ton of fun, but it tends to introduce and trap a lot of air inside the mascara tube. Air that can be harboring nasty bacteria in your mascara.

Instead, we just want a clean pull-and-twirl. This will ensure a nice, even coverage on your brush.

8. Use Protection

Constantly getting mascara on your eyelid, or smudging your liner?

Use a spoon!

Having a curved guard like a spoon will ensure you’re only waving that wand where you need to—on your lashes! You can even use a spoon as a makeshift lash curler, just place the bottom edge near your lashline and apply a little pressure with your index finger. Lift up, and you should get the same curling effect!

9. Mix and Match

There’s more than one mascara formula on the market, and more than one brush style to apply it with.

Let’s take advantage of this by mixing and matching! The more the merrier, right?

For example, use your normal, lengthening mascara for the desired volume you want. Then, go over it with a waterproof mascara to give full support throughout the day.

Dermacol SF has a ton of great, innovate products to try, highly recommend!

10. Every Angle When Applying Mascara

Life is all in the details, right?

How you apply your mascara can actually make a big difference!

Play around with the different angles you wave your wand through your lashes to see which fits your style best. Using a horizontal motion usually gives thicker lashes, while a vertical coat to each lash offers a more natural finish.

Test it out!

Time to Lash Out!

Applying mascara isn’t easy, but these tips can get you well on your way to a smooth, voluminous lash in no time!

Let us know of any mascara and makeup tips you have, we’re always glad to share with friends.