Blow Them All Away: 8 Wedding Themes That’ll Help You Design Your Perfect Day

wedding in field

Back in 1999, David Beckham wedded his pop princess, Victoria Adams at a stunning ceremony that cost the couple almost a reported one million dollars.

The ceremony took place at a castle in Ireland and the cake featured a naked cake topper of the couple in a romantic embrace. It went down in history as one of the most over the top and lavish wedding themes in pop culture history.

If you’re getting ready for your own big day, then you’re probably thinking a lot about what you can do with the theme to make it feel special.

You may not have as big of a budget as David Beckham, but there are still a ton of themes out there that can make your night one for the books. Read on to find out more.

1. Choose a Destination Wedding

There are many different ways to choose a theme for your wedding. Some couples just choose a couple of different colors that they like, while others go all the way out paying attention to every detail.

But one way to have an exciting theme that you can be sure will suit your venue is by choosing a destination wedding and designing your theme around the destination. Check out these destination wedding ideas to learn more.

2. Choose from Vintage Wedding Themes

Choosing a vintage wedding theme is a great way to bring your friends back to a golden moment in history. It gives them a chance to dress up and think about what they want to wear.

To ensure everyone dresses up, consider hosting a costume contest to see who comes up with the best look. Or you could hire a professional photographer to set up a photo booth at your event with props that match the theme like this company.

3. Opt for a Modern Interpretation

Although there are a lot of classic and stunning theme options on this list, going for a modern theme in 2019 is really fun for modern couples.

Consider creating large prop displays for Instagram photo walls to capture the essence of your theme. You can also use geometric shapes rather than a traditional archway as the backdrop for your ceremony.

4. Under the Sea

Under the sea theme is a classic. There are a million different ways to interpret the theme, the only limit is your imagination.

Do you want to collect sea shells to give to your guests as a take-home memento? Or maybe you want to fill every possible place in the room with mermaid figurines?

5. Casino Night

A casino night wedding theme is a great way to not only impress your guests with an exciting night but also provide them with a lot of fun things to do.

Having a casino night theme will allow you to fill your venue with all different kinds of classic games for your party goers to enjoy.

To make the night even more special, consider setting your casino night up as a charity raffle. For every ten chips someone buys, they could get one ticket to enter the raffle.

Guests that like to gamble can have fun buying chips all weekend knowing they’re already not going to get their money back and that it’s going to a great cause.

6. Bohemian Garden Party

A bohemian garden party is a great theme especially for weddings that will take place at night in courtyards. Consider buying a bunch of different candles and twinkling lights to ignite every corner.

One of the most fun places to include this theme is in the dresses of the bridal party. There are so many fun looks that your girls will love putting together and it should save them a lot of money when compared to buying a traditional bridesmaid dress from a bridal store.

As an extra special touch for your friends, consider getting everyone a crystal that would mean something to them as a way to memorialize the event and your friendships. Also, consider using mismatched plates and glassware as part of the expereince. You could give away each setting to your guests at the end of the ceremony.

7. Southern-Inspired Shindig

Whether it’s a classy country barn wedding with mason jars for glasses and cowboy boots on everyone’s feet, or an outdoor romp through the woods complete with a bridal party on four-wheelers, a southern-inspired theme is a unique and exciting take on a wedding.

Just make sure if you choose an outdoor venue like a barn, that you think a lot about what the weather will be like and let everyone know what to wear and bring on your invitations.

The last thing you want is to set up a beautiful scene but forget a detail like bug spray or a way to supply shade.

8. Choose a Tropical Theme

A tropical wedding theme is one of the easiest ways to pull together a great ceremony and reception that everyone will enjoy without having to overthink every detail.

Start by choosing nice tropical flowers. They will make up a large portion of your budget but will work to set a romantic, tropical, and beautiful setting for your event. Then, every other detail you add can be integrated to work with the flowers ensuring a consistent theme.

Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day

Choosing from wedding themes is a challenge. You want to choose something that represents you and your spouse as a couple and that is unique.

But you also need to choose something that isn’t so niched that you will be hunting down items for months just to find something that coordinates.

For more information on planning your nuptials, check out our beauty posts for tips to help you look your best on your wedding day.