The Keys to Radiant Skin: 10 Top Supplements to Promote Healthy and Glowing Skin

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body. 

We place plenty of importance on lung and heart health, but we can’t forget to nourish our skin. Many people are starting to develop healthy skincare routines. Between face masks, facial scrubs, moisturizers, sunscreen, and everything else, there’s ample opportunity to treat our skin.

Sometimes we just need that extra boost. Vitamins and supplements could be the missing ingredient from your skincare routine. Luckily, it’s not difficult to add them to your mix. 

If you need an extra pick-me-up for your skin, make sure you keep reading. Below are 10 of the best supplements for skin. 

1. Calcium

As children, we all learned calcium is essential for strong teeth and bones. We would drink a carton of milk at lunch and think of ourselves as unstoppable. Not only is it good for milk and bones, it’s great for your skin.

It’s one of the best supplements for skin because it keeps helps regulate all of your skin’s functions. Without it, your skin becomes dry and breakable. The more calcium you have, the quicker your skin is to shed dead cells and produce new ones. 

If you don’t drink milk or eat dairy products, don’t fear. You can buy supplements or look into non-dairy foods rich with calcium

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for long, healthy hair. It’s also one of the best supplements for skin. 

When taken orally by supplement or things like carrot juice, it helps maintain your protective tissue. Your skin’s main job is to act like a protective barrier between our insides and the environment around us. 

Obviously, you want to maintain your barrier. However, do not take Vitamin A when pregnant because it has been known to cause rare birth defects. 

3. Collagen

Collagen is one of the best supplements for skin and will be your best friend when improving skin, hair, and nails. Fortunately, there are plenty of collagen supplements you can take, like these Phi Naturals

It’s so important because it’s a protein that gives structure to our skin, ligaments, hair, and bones. With it, we can easily bend and stretch our bodies. 

After skin damage, collagen also prepares our skin for cell reproduction. Taking it every day will aid in skin renewal. Who doesn’t enjoy shiny, new skin?

4. Fish Oil

Even though the size of these supplement pills seems a little too exaggerated, they bring tons of benefits for your body, especially the skin. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are important because they reduce blood pressure, reduce the possibility of stroke, and slow down plaque build-up in your arteries. It sounds like it couldn’t get any better, but it can get better. 

Fish oil also supports the production of collagen. It helps reduce the lines on your face and gives your skin an overall glow. 

5. Vitamin C

You probably know Vitamin C is important, but you probably didn’t know it’s one of the best supplements for skin. You can get it through supplement tablets, citrus, strawberries, broccoli, red peppers, and many other delicious fresh foods.

Vitamin C assists in enzymatic functions that promote skin health, and it even steps in to help with DNA repair. If you’re having trouble with skin discoloration, this supplement is your friend. 

6. Hyaluronic Acid

This supplement is like a refreshing glass of water for your skin. It shoots straight through the skin and pushes together water and skin cells. Talk about moisture!

Not only does it provide moisture, it boosts protection against the environment. Your skin becomes stronger, brighter, and smoother when using hyaluronic acid. 

7. Probiotics

Probiotics are wonderful supplements for skin because it starts at the core, your immune system. They help regulate anti-inflammatory responses and help reduce eczema and UV damage. 

Beyond the skin, probiotics help balance out the happy bacteria in your body and can be especially important for a woman’s health. Some have even said it’s helped improve anxiety and depression. 

Who knew skin and gut health could go such a long way?

8. Zinc

This is not often a supplement we think of, but it’s one we should remember more often. Zinc is a huge help when it comes to reducing inflammation and acne. 

It’s extremely effective in killing off bacteria in the skin, and it’s a super antioxidant. Make sure you consult a professional before using it too often. Too high doses can cause cramping and digestive issues. 

9. Vitamin D

Getting some Vitamin D is a perfect excuse for a pool day. Mix your fruity drinks, grab the sunscreen (of course), and catch some Vitamin D rays. 

Upon exposure to UV rays, the skin produces this hormone. It reduces inflammation in your skin and aids against the negative effects of free radicals. Funny enough, orally taking this vitamin can reduce inflammation from sunburn. 

Now, when your friends ask you why you relax by the beach or pool so often, you can tell them it’s for Vitamin D upkeep. It’s also for the relaxation and cute Instagram posts, but they don’t need to know that. 

10. Black Currant 

This supplement is one of the best supplements for skin and overall health. It kind of does it all. 

If you’re having cardiovascular health issues, this can definitely help you out. It reduces the chance of deposits on the walls of blood vessels. 

Not only is it good for your insides, it helps your outsides by fighting acne-causing bacteria. It balances the color of your skin, and it even reduces yucky inflammation. 

The Best Supplements for Skin

Who doesn’t enjoy a great moisturizer and face mask? Even if you think you’ve been taking every step necessary for great skin, sometimes you need a boost. If you do, look at the above best supplements for skin.

These supplements will aid in stronger, brighter, clearer, and cleaner skin. Many of them also tackle heart and gut issues as well. With these supplements, you can look and feel your best. 

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