5 Simple Skin Care Tips to Keep You Feeling Fresh and Flawless

woman taking care of her skin

The problem isn’t always on the outside. Sometimes it stems from within. And other times it’s both.

The best way to banish bad skin is to treat internal and external issues. Clogged pores, dry spots, and any other reasons your skin feels unhealthy ends today! Keep reading to find out how to take care of your skin with these skin care tips.

1. Vitamins Are Vital

What makes our body happy makes our skin happy. They are one and the same. So if you’re not too keen on taking your daily vitamins to boost your body’s overall health, then think about your skin. 

Your skin needs a variety of vitamins to feel and look it’s best. Be sure to take daily vitamins, or add some into your morning smoothies. And try using products that contain wholesome and natural ingredients like Infinite Aloe Skin Care rather than ones that list water as the first ingredient.

Natural kinds of butter or oils like coconut oil are great for cleaning your face and provide your skin with the nutrients it needs. These kinds of butter and oils also work well as lotions for the whole body.

2. Cleaning Is Crucial

Cleaning your face after a long day in the gym to clean sweat or a night out to remove makeup is necessary. Just as rest of your body needs daily cleaning, so does our skin. But one thing is important to remember: don’t overdo it.

Think about your hair. It’s not healthy to over wash your hair because it strips it of natural oils and can dry it out. The same is true for your skin. 

Do a deep cleanse when needed. But don’t clean it too much. You want your skin to have natural oils and a solid foundation to block dirt from getting in the pores. 

Cleaning too much might strip that foundation away.

3. Hydration Is Of High Priority

Using hydrating products is good for your skin. But the issue of dry or unhealthy skin should be addressed on the inside. Staying hydrated is one of the most vital skin care tips.

And staying hydrated doesn’t mean keeping a couple of energy drinks in your car to chug throughout the day. It means drinking a lot of water. Other drinks containing sugars or sodium can leave your skin feeling less hydrated than before.

Drinking enough water throughout the day and keeping your body hydrated will show in your skin. Whether it’s dry scalp, dry spots of the faces, or ashy elbows, drinking the right amount of water daily will help it.

4. Exfoliation Is Essential

On nights or mornings when your skin is screaming to be cleaned, exfoliation is essential. Using an exfoliation scrub, carefully exfoliate by moving a face scrub or cloth in a circular motion on your skin. It’s best to do in the shower after allowing warm water to hit your skin. 

Excess oils, dirt, and dry skin will release from your face or body. But don’t scrub the skin too roughly. You don’t want to damage it. 

Aim to do this between one to two times a week for healthy skin.

5. SPF Is Significant

The sun has its pros and cons when it comes to our skin. The rays are healthy for our skin as they provide Vitamin D. But too much can cause sun damage

Use products that contain some type of SPF in them. SPF 30 is good for less sunny days or when you’re not planning on being in the sun a lot. SPF 50 is best for sunny days and a lot of outside time. 

If you can’t find products you like with SPF in them, then apply sunscreen before applying makeup. Use one that isn’t too oily so that your makeup won’t run.

Following These Skin Care Tips

Taking care of your skin means following these skin care tips. Keep these tips in mind during your daily routine and see the difference. And if you want healthy skin, then you probably want healthy hair. 

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