Galentines Day In The Centennial State? Try These Fun Things To Do In Colorado

woman in colorado

When girls just wanna have fun, we plan a trip and make it happen. 

From buying ourselves flowers to leaving our men behind for an adventure, girls know what we want for a good time. 

Recent research supports trips with your gals. Taking a break for a getaway with the girls is good for your health

Where should you go for a Galentines-Anytime trip? The Centennial State of Colorado is the perfect destination for fun, culture, entertainment, and relaxation. 

Here are some of the most fun things to do in Colorado.

Collect Some Colorado Culture

If your group plans to spend time in the Mile-High City of Denver, you need a Mile High Culture Pass.

For $30, your passes get you and your girls into some of Denver’s best attractions. Enjoy an evening or afternoon at the Botanic Gardens or the Art Museum. 

Make sure you to get to know one of Denver’s most famous women and a true adventurer, “Unsinkable” Molly Brown. Plan a stop with your gals to the Molly Brown House Museum.

Grab a selfie together with one of Molly’s quotes in mind. She said, “I am a daughter of adventure!” Let her inspire the rest of your trip.

If you tackle Denver in the fall, plan your trip around the Great American Beer Festival. For four days, Denver attracts craft brewers from just about anywhere you can imagine. 

Culture and a cold one works well for any experience with the girls. 

Rock Together at Red Rocks

What’s better than a concert with the girls? Experiencing a concert together at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Located outside of Denver near Morrison, Colorado, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a stone formation that’s become a favorite destination for concert lovers. 

The theater design creates an ideal acoustic setting for live music performances.

Check the concert schedule while you’re in Colorado. Or plan your trip to see a specific show.

Find an event here or in the surrounding area. You won’t regret the experience with your girlfriends.

Relax in the Springs

No girls trip is complete without some spa time. Relaxing in the natural setting of Strawberry Parks Hot Springs will put your body and mind at ease. 

The natural springs are in the pure-nature surroundings of Strawberry Parks. Spend the day or the weekend at the springs. 

Use the nearby hiking and biking trails for some adventure with the girls. Then relax in the hot springs to soothe muscles and soak in the mountain scenery. 

A-Vail Yourselves

Vail, Colorado is a must-see for a girl’s getaway. It’s a small town in the mountains near White River National Forest.

The area is a popular ski destination in the winter. If your girlfriends enjoy a winter adventure with snow and skis, plan a trip to enjoy the ski resort during winter months. 

But Vail is more than just a ski town. There’s plenty of entertainment year-round to make a great getaway. From hiking to summer festivals, any time is a perfect time to visit Vail. 

Spooky Good Girlfriend Fun

Often connected with Stephen King’s book, The Shining, the Stanley Hotel is the perfect place for a comfortable yet spooky girl’s getaway.  

The Stanley Hotel is in Estes Park, Colorado. It’s a beautiful hotel with scenic views of the Rocky Mountains. 

Many say it’s also haunted. 

Freelan O. Stanley (of the Stanley Steamer) constructed the hotel that opened in 1909. Some guests have reported seeing a ghostly Stanley in the halls of the hotel. Others claim to see the keys of the lobby piano move on their own. 

As the stories go, Stanley’s wife Flora used to entertain guests at the piano. 

With only 138 rooms, the hotel can fill quickly. If you and your friends are brave enough, book well in advance to get a room. See if you can handle the spooky hotel for a night.

If the thought of staying in the hotel is too frightening, Estes Park offers plenty of other getaway spots. Save the Stanley Hotel for a quick tourist stop and spooky selfies as you tour the town and the area. 

Hikes and Higher Powers

If your gals love a glorious hike, Garden of the Gods is a must-hike destination. 

Walk among the limestone and sandstone rocks arranged into unique shapes. Tectonic shifts get the credit for the almost worshipful rock arrangements. 

The National Park got its name as a reference to a garden fit for the gods. 

Garden of the Gods is near Colorado Springs, CO. Stay in town and make a day trip of hiking and enjoying the inspirational rocks and vegetation. 

Take the Train

The town of Durango is small town Colorado charm at it’s best. While you’re there, take the train to Silverton along the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

The slow winding rail route is the perfect way to see the mountains, canyons, and rivers of the Rockies. It’s a coal-powered train. You’ll want to allow four and a half hours for the 45-mile journey. 

Choose to stay a night in Silverton. Or make it a full day excursion starting and ending in Durango.

In either Durango or Silverton, the area is full of history and plenty of good food, entertainment, and mountain comfort. There’s also plenty of hiking, nature, horseback riding, or cycling if you and your gals need some adventure after the long train ride. 

Girls Getaway to the Fun Things to Do in Colorado

Plan your girls getaway to take advantage of one or many of these fun things to do in Colorado. 

Travel to and from Colorado makes it an easy adventure to take. Once there, plan your trip to tackle relaxation, mountain adventure, or both. 

There’s something for everyone in your group. Hike a little, check out a museum, then grab some wine and your pajamas, do facials, and relax in a resort hotel.

While you’re in Colorado, check out one last perk–legal cannabis. Cannabis can be good for your skin. Read more in our article about cannabis and skincare. You might find the perfect products during your Colorado getaway!