Seniors Shouldn’t Sacrifice Style! The Best Clothes for the Elderly in a Nursing Home

older woman shopping for clothes

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. 

However, as we age, getting dressed and having to fasten and button apparel regularly can become exhausting and too complicated.

We want comfortable and easy-to-wear clothing that is still fashionable while being simple to put on and take off. 

But do these clothes exist? They sure do!

Read on to learn about the best clothes for the elderly in a nursing home

What Are the Best Clothes for the Elderly in a Nursing Home?

Otherwise known as adaptive clothing, this category includes apparel that is easy to wear for not only the elderly but anyone with physical limitations, health issues, disabilities or those who are recovering from surgery and can’t wear typical clothing. 

Sometimes these clothes are simply easier to take on and off but sometimes they can accommodate the ability to access specific body parts without having to remove the entire piece of clothing. 

Here are some ideas to get you started! 

Rear Closure

This is the type of shirt that is great for those who have trouble lifting their arms.

You put your arms through the sleeves of the shirt and the garment closes behind you so you don’t have to put anything over your head. 

If you’re going with this type of shirt, you can pick something sharp-looking that has a collar and front buttons so you look more sophisticated. For women, select a flowy blouse in a pretty color that closes in the back. 

Elastic Waist 

With the surge of athleisure wear in street fashion these days, there’s no shortage of comfortable and stylish pants with elastic waists. You can even get jeans with elastic waists. 

This is helpful for the elderly because they don’t have to deal with annoying zippers and buttons every time they get dressed or need to use the restroom. 

When it comes to pants with elastic waits, stick to darker colors that are more slimming and can be paired with any kind of top. Avoid bright colors or patterns that don’t look stylish and could clash with other pieces. 

Simple Shoes 

Safe and simple shoes can be helpful in avoiding injuries that could be caused by improper shoes. Unfortunately, many seniors do suffer slip-and-falls and are forced to reach out the law firms like Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck P.A. for legal help. 

Avoid this issue altogether by purchasing adaptive shoewear. They can slide on, are easy to place the foot into and will have great traction on the bottom to avoid falling. You can get something fashionable by sticking to a sleek look in a neutral color. 

Most adaptive footwear comes in beige so we suggest sticking to black to look chic and avoid the drab alternatives they often offer.

Revamp Your Senior Style Today

With the tips above, you can select the best clothes for the elderly in a nursing home and still maintain style. 

You don’t have to forgo your fashion sense to have comfortable, safe attire that allows you to get dressed easily and stay comfortable all day. 

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