Crystals for Happiness: 10 Crystals to Improve Your Mood


According to the results of a recent survey, two-thirds of Americans are unhappy. Two-thirds! Are you part of this group?

If you’re feeling unhappy with your life right now, it’s time to make a change. 

There are a number of different practices you can use to improve your mood, change your outlook on life, and feel happier.

If you’re not sure where to begin, you might want to start with something simple like investing in some crystals.

Read on to learn about 10 incredible crystals for happiness and well-being.

What’s the Deal with Crystals?

At this point, you might be thinking something along the lines of, “Seriously, crystals? Crystals are going to help me feel better?” 

It’s normal to be skeptical when you’re first introduced to the idea of crystals. Many people swear by them, though. 

The idea behind using crystals for happiness and healing is that, when you hold certain crystals to your body or place them in your presence, they interact with your body’s own energy field. As a result, they can help to clear energy blockages and balance your chakras.

It’s definitely not the most science-based practice in the world. But, at the same time, there are no risks associated with using crystals — why not give them a try and see if they help?

If you want to learn more about choosing and using certain crystals and gemstones, you can always check out this blog.

Top 10 Crystals for Happiness

After learning a bit more about them, are you more interested in trying crystals out? If you’re interested in improving your mood and feeling happier in your everyday life, you might want to consider one of these crystals.

1. Turquoise

Turquoise is known as a master healer. If your mood has been negatively affected by health problems, turquoise may be a good crystal for you with its protective and healing properties.

Turquoise is also considered to be a stone of communication, so it can help you to acknowledge and speak your truth.

2. Bloodstone

If you’ve been feeling lethargic and worn down, you might want to try bloodstone.

Bloodstone was actually worn in ancient times to purify the blood.

It helps to ensure your blood and energy are flowing smoothly and efficiently through the body. This, in turn, can help you feel more energized, enthusiastic, and confident.

3. Carnelian

Carnelian can help you to feel more creative. If you’ve been feeling a little stuck or stagnant, it’s a great crystal to have on hand.

Many people find that, when they start using carnelian, they feel more confident, joyful, and motivated to make big and important changes in their lives.

4. Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal is a great crystal to have on hand for when you’re feeling foggy or having difficulty making decisions.

Quartz crystal encouraging optimal health and clears the mind, getting rid of negativity and enhancing your energy so you can make the best choices for yourself.

5. Onyx

Onyx is similar to quartz.

Instead of getting rid of negative energy, though, it absorbs that energy and pulls it away from your body. Onyx also changes that negativity into positive, more fruitful energy.

6. Tiger Eye

Tiger eye will help to improve your confidence and increase your inner strength.

It’s great for helping you change your perspective and deal with confrontation and difficult situations. It also helps you to let go of difficulties that would normally affect you throughout your day.

7. Celestite

If you’re feeling stressed out and anxious, try celestite. Celestite can help you to feel happier and at peace. It brings about a sense of tranquility and harmony.

You can place it in your bedroom to help you feel more at peace when it’s time to go to sleep. You can also place it directly on your body to relieve stress and muscle tension.

8. Citrine

Citrine, with its bright yellow color, brings about feelings of abundant happiness. With citrine, you will feel happy and carefree.

You’ll also feel motivated and empowered, both mentally and physically. You’ll feel confident that you can take on anything the world throws your way.

9. Rose Quartz

If you need a little more love in your life — especially love for yourself — rose quartz is the crystal for you.

Rose quartz helps to open up and health the heart, making it easier for you to forgive others and yourself. Rose quartz is a powerful crystal that can also help you to feel more compassionate.

10. Smoky Quartz

Maybe you’re struggling in your life right now because you’ve been holding on to something for too long. If this resonates with you, smoky quartz might be the crystal you need.

Smoky quartz helps you give up old patterns and belief systems and makes it easier for you to move forward with your life.

Using Crystals for Happiness

Okay, there are tons of different crystals that you can use to feel happier. How do you actually use crystals, though?

There are several different approaches you can take when using crystals.

Some people like to simply place them in their room so they can be near them while they work or go about their day. Others even sleep with them under their pillows.

Some people also like to hold crystals close to their body while they meditate. 

Meditating with crystals can be incredibly powerful, especially if you set an intention while you meditate.

Maybe you’ll set an intention to let go of negativity and live a more peaceful life. Maybe you’ll set an intention to believe in yourself and feel more confident. The options are endless.

Need More Happiness Tips?

As you can see, there are tons of different crystals for happiness out there that can help you feel better and more at ease.

Whether you want to relieve stress, feel less anxious, or feel more confident, there’s a crystal for you.

Are you interested in learning about other techniques and tools you can use to feel better and improve your mood?

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