One Size Does Not Fit All: Understanding Bra Shapes for Your Body Type

woman in bra

Women still don’t take care of finding the right bra. While there’s a movement to free the nipple out there, having the right bra is still crucial for your shape.

80% of women buy the wrong bra size, but here’s the problem. There are few blogs out there that give the right help when it comes to the best bra for breast shape. Many people think that if it fits, it’s right.

Today, we’ll talk about finding the right bra shapes for every female shape. There are different bra styles for different shapes, so we’ll find which type of bra is best for you.

This will give you more chance to a better, more comfortable you. Want to learn the best bra for breast type? Here they are.

1. For Straight and Small Chested Girls

For women who have smaller bust sizes, the best bra for breast shape like yours is less support. This gives you a comfier, less tight feeling. Soft triangle bras and wireless bras are the options you’d want.

If you want some extra lift for your breasts, go traditional. A molded bra with push-up and wire is the best bra for breast type you need.

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2. For the Athletic Girls

For women who have a small to medium bust size with an athletic build, you want something with good cleavage space. Active women tend to have wide set breasts, which means you want something that doesn’t push to the middle.

Demi bras and plunge bras are a great choice. If you go around for exercise, which type of bra is best for you? A sports bra.

Sports bras sound cliché, but that’s because they work. The chest separation and solid support without extreme tightness are great for any sports.

3. For Pear-Shaped Bodies

The pear-shaped body is the figure that many women can’t seem to figure out the right bra for. Their small and round breast shape tends to differ from person to person. Some girls are almost flat, while some have lithe, rounded shapes.

Girls with a smaller torso build but a nice bottom area can pick out strapless bandeaus or wireless bra. These will look sexy under shirts and tops and will not disturb their gorgeous curves.

If you want ones with straps, the best bra for the breast shape you have use tapering straps. You want them to be thin but secure without falling off the shoulder. For those looking to enhance, the balconettes, push-ups and padded bras to even the size out is your choice.

Are you one of those girls who are pear-shaped but have a large bust area? Go for one with good support and lift. Your body shape is beautiful as it is, and your round breast shape only needs the proper lift.

4. For Curvy Ladies

Now, let’s talk about the curvier girls out there. They tend to have problems when it comes to choosing bra styles for different shapes for a reason. The variation in shapes is as broad as the eye can see.

The first thing you do is to find which type of bra is best for comfort. Pick one with a wide band to increase your comfort levels and also stop breast spillage on the sides.

Where you can, you’d want to have an extra inner sling for that extra support.

5. For Apple Shaped Women

Apple shaped girls tend to be girls who tend to be top-heavy, with bigger busts, shoulders, and waists. Their hips are narrow with less definition so the best bra for a breast type will help with their curves.

Our aim to make the best shape for the apple-bodied girls is to curb the bust size but make the waist and hips look more defined. You will want something with a full cup or a lifting minimizer if you have big busts.

You want to stay away from push-ups and padded bras. These will make you look more top-heavy than usual.

6. For Hourglass Figures

Girls with the hourglass figure tend to have the least of problems. Which type of bra is best for girls who have almost no issues with their shape? Pick the right size.

If you’re an hourglass, you may have the feeling that you want to suppress your top size. You might think you’re too big on top so you pick a smaller size. This will become uncomfortable for you, so opt for something that is comfortable.

Girls with big and round breast shape can use full cups, half cups or minimizers, but only if you’re comfortable in it. Otherwise, pick styles that will accentuate your shape further. You can pick between a balconette or a plunge bra for extra cleavage.

If you feel like your size does not give you enough support, prioritize this over style. If you don’t want to focus on your size further, stay away from strapless, wireless, push-ups or padded bras.

7. For Conical Shaped Breasts

Conical shaped breasts are C cup or smaller breasts that have a cone shape instead of rounded. In common parlance, these are what people call torpedo breasts. It’s not a bad shape, but rather you want something fuller.

The idea is to prevent the breast from looking like it’s sagging. This means we’re going padded or full cups. The best bra for breast types like this are those which push the apex for a better, sexier shape.

Finding the Right Bra Shapes

When it comes to bras, the right style of bras will make a difference. From comfort to support to style, picking the correct bra shapes will give you extra good looks and confidence in carrying yourself.

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