Happy, Healthy, Sober: 5 Must-Know Benefits of Sobriety

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Going from a life of addiction to a life of sobriety may seem like a completely unattainable goal. In the depths of addiction, sobriety may not even seem like an option at all. 

But the truth is that achieving sobriety is a life-changing event. It’s a way to get your relationships, career, health, and finances back on track. In other words, sobriety allows you to get your life back.

Even if you feel like you’re in too deep, achieving a sober life begins with just one small step in the right direction.

For now, here are some of the incredible benefits of sobriety as motivation… 

The Life-Changing Benefits of Sobriety

If a life of sobriety seems boring, scary, intimidating or unachievable- think again. There is life on the other side of your security blanket of drugs or alcohol. 

If withdrawal is what scares you about pursuing a sober life, it’s worth noting that you will not be alone throughout this process. There are medical professionals who can help assist along the way. 

If you’re considering making the change here are 5 undisputed benefits being sober:

1. Achieve Better Sleep 

It’s a well-known fact that both drug and alcohol abuse disrupts REM sleep – our most restful, restorative periods of sleep. This is why most addicts wake up feeling terribly groggy and run down. 

Being sober allows your body to properly prepare for sleep and enjoy a good night’s rest, leaving your body and mind adequately rested. 

Sobriety also allows your brain to operate at its normalized speed, which allows for REM sleep and the formation of memories. 

2. You’ll Have Far More Energy 

As an addict, your body will take strain trying to function throughout the day without adequate rest, leaving you with terribly low energy. 

To add to this, your brain is clogged with toxic waste which hasn’t been properly purged during restful periods of sleep. This leads to mind fog, making you feel even more groggy. 

Sleep is incredibly important for the body, giving it time to heal itself and restore your energy levels. Being sober means you are no longer poisoning your mind or body, and you’ll wake up with energy levels you never knew you had! 

3. You’ll Have More Personal Time 

In the depths of addiction, you’ll find yourself eating, sleeping, breathing and thinking about your next fix. It’s incredible how much your thoughts and own personal time are consumed by addiction. 

In alcohol addiction, this is known as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). In short, all activities in your day-to-day to life are seen as a means to an end and your next drink. 

However, when you’re sober all of this extra time and energy spent on finding your next fix is completely freed up. Once you’ve established a new healthy routine, you’ll have extra time to take up new hobbies, projects, and even relationships.  

4. An Improved Financial Status

Yep, achieving sobriety puts money back in your pocket. Every single day that you don’t drink or use drugs, is a day where you’ve saved money you would have spent. 

Being sober means you’ll be saving money you would have spent on your addiction, and you’ll soon find a surplus in your bank account each month. This means you’ll be able to pay off debts and re-establish a solid financial status over time. 

5. Re-Establish Deeper Connections

Your actions and the way you communicate are not the same under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As an addict, you may find your relationships are the first thing to go thanks to your addiction. 

Being sober allows you to take stock of your actions, apologize for any pain or hurt you’ve caused and re-establish deep, meaningful connections. You’ll be able to recognize who you’ve hurt, why and how you can heal your relationships. 

Here’s How to Be Happy 

Other than the above benefits of sobriety, finding true happiness in your sober way of life is not always easy. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, tips, and advice on how to achieve a happy, balanced life, Sofia’s Beauty Boutique is here to help. 

Here’s how to practice self-love and accept who you are!