High (Seas) Fashion: How to Plan Your Yacht Club Outfit

woman on yacht

Unless you happen to know someone who owns one of the world’s 4,476 superyachts, getting an invitation to a glamorous yacht party isn’t something that happens every day. 

If it’s your first time on board at the yacht club, it’s likely that you’re unsure of what to wear. You want to make an impression but, at the same time, you want your yacht club outfit to be elegant and graceful, even in the face of a strong ocean breeze while you’re out on the water. 

If you’re having trouble navigating what’s considered appropriate and stylish when it comes to yacht attire, never fear. Read on to discover the best tips for planning what to wear to your upcoming yacht party. 

Bold Colors and Bright Prints  

The style mantra of many French women, ‘when in doubt, wear black’, might work well on land. But bold colors and bright prints are the order of the day when it comes to finding the perfect cocktail dress for a yacht party. 

Colorful ensembles stand out well against the white of the yacht and the blue ocean. Plus, yacht parties often start during the day and continue into the night. Black tends to be a little heavy for a daytime event, whereas colors and patterns work just as well during the day as they do after dark. 

For block colors, consider jewel tones like sapphire, teal or amethyst. These kinds of deep hues are bold yet sophisticated and look great against all skin colors. And for prints, you can’t go wrong with florals. 

As for the style of dress, try to avoid anything too floaty. Instead, choose a long dress cut closer to the body so there’s less chance of the wind catching it and causing a sartorial drama on deck. 

Nautical Chic

If bright colors and patterns aren’t your thing, nautical chic is perfect for a classic yet casual club outfit. 

That said, avoid going overboard (pun intended) with anything too obvious like anchor prints or a captain’s hat. Instead, keep it subtle with a long striped dress in navy and white. Or, you could team a red or navy dress with white accessories. 

The combination of an elegant fitted skirt and a chic stripped camisole also works well if you’re worried about the wind catching your dress. Just remember to add some fun accessories and more casual shoes so it doesn’t look like you’re headed to the office. 

Consider a Jumpsuit

It can be difficult to stay looking elegant when you’re sailing the high seas and facing stiff ocean breezes. 

For this reason, you might prefer to opt for pants over a skirt or dress at your upcoming yacht party. Wide-leg pants or tailored capris paired with an elegant silky top are both great options. 

Or, you could go for a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are modern, seriously on-trend and easy to wear. After all, you don’t have to worry about matching your top and bottoms.  

And, since jumpsuits are the height of fashion, there are plenty of different colors, styles, and prints to choose from at the moment. We particularly love vertical stripes for a modern nautical look, while bold colors like red, magenta or teal look ever bolder when worn head to toe. 

Sophisticated Sandals 

When it comes to yacht club-appropriate footwear, the number one rule is no stilettos. Yes, they make your legs look fantastic. But they’ll also destroy the deck, and high heels won’t exactly make it easy to navigate the narrow stairs of a yacht in either. 

Instead, you should choose some elegant flat sandals to match your summer cocktail attire. These won’t damage the deck and they’ll make it easier to avoid any slips or falls at sea. 

Strappy sandals in gold or silver go well with anything. Or you could choose colorful sandals to match your outfit. 

Alternatively, if you really can’t bear to be without a little lift, espadrille-style wedge sandals look chic and summery. Although, make sure they’re not too high or you could end up losing your balance and making the wrong kind of splash! 

Appropriate Accessories

As the world’s most fashionable women know, accessories are perfect for lifting your look. But try to stick to just one or two well-chosen items. Even on board the most luxurious yachts, one too many accessories can quickly make you look ‘overdone’ at sea. 

If you’ve opted for a bold printed jumpsuit or dress, a pair of statement earrings and some stylish cat eye sunglasses are all you need. Or, you could tap into one of the leading 2019 micro trends by adorning your wrist with some stacked bangles. Just remember to keep the rest of your jewelry minimal. 

Covering Up

Summer cocktail attire is perfect while the sun is beaming down and you’re sipping margaritas on the deck. But you also need to think about bringing something to keep yourself warm when the temperature cools. 

You don’t want to make all that effort with your outfit, only to ruin it with a mismatching cover-up. As such, make sure your complete outfit includes the perfect cover-up to have ready to pull out when the evening starts to draw in. 

Depending on your outfit, some options to consider include a structured crop blazer, a soft oversize scarf or a loose silky kimono-style jacket. 

Planning Your Perfect Yacht Club Outfit 

It might seem like there’s a lot to consider when planning your yacht club outfit. But in reality, dressing for a party aboard a yacht is all about keeping things simple and staying comfortable.  

After all, maintaining an effortless style in clothes you feel good in is the best way to ensure that you look great too. 

And, if your upcoming yacht party gives you a taste for life on the ocean waves, check out this guide on what clothes to pack for a cruise!