Looking Great While Kicking Butt: The Best Triathlon Clothes for Women

person riding bike in triathlon

There’s plenty of ways to workout. But not much compares to the intensity of training for and completing a triathlon. You go, girl!

There’s no doubt that you’ll kick butt in your upcoming triathlon. But who’s to say you can’t look great while doing it? Well, you absolutely can!

You’re prepared to swim, bike, and run. But are your clothes prepared? You can’t wear just any pair of workout shorts when completing a triathlon

You need the right clothing and gear to ensure optimal performance! So your clothing should have triathlon strength. Your clothing’s determination and durability should match yours!

So don’t pick up any pair of leggings out the pile! Make the right choice and choose clothing that is best suited for your triathlon needs! Not sure where to start?

No worries! We’ve got your back. We’ve picked out some of the best triathlon clothes!

And they’re all right here on this page. So keep reading! And make sure you don’t miss out on the best triathlon clothes for performance and style!

2XU Women’s A:1S Active Sleeveless Wetsuit

A triathlete swimsuit isn’t an ordinary swimsuit. If you’re competing in a triathlon, then you’ll need a triathlon wetsuit! Wetsuits help you stay afloat, which is a great advantage for the race.

The 2XU Women’s A:1S Active Sleeveless Wetsuit keeps beginners in mind with its sleeveless design. It prevents you from feeling too constricted! Your arms are free to move as quickly and freely as they can.

With the 2XU Women’s A:1S Active Sleeveless Wetsuit, you’ll be on your way to victory! Just keep swimming!

TYR Competitor Tri Tank

When competing in the race, you won’t have time to worry about outfit changes. You want your focus to remain on yourself and the race. That’s where the TYR Competitor Tri Tank comes in!

Wear the TYR Competitor Tri Tank throughout every section of the race! The tank fits tightly so you can wear it under a wetsuit. Keep this in mind when selecting your size.

The tank comes with a built-in bra. And makes it super convenient to not worry about changing clothes. For even more convenience, it comes with a zipper in the front! 

2XU Active 4.5″ Tri Shorts

So you have the perfect tank! But now you need the best triathlon shorts to go along with it! For shorts that offer all the triathlon basic essentials, look no further!

The 2XU Active 4.5″ Tri Shorts are an awesome choice! These shorts provide the comfort you desire while competing in a triathlon. They keep your muscles in place while keeping your body cool.

As quickly as they keep you cool, they keep you dry! These shorts dry fast for added comfort. They also have added UPF 50 to block harsh sun rays.

And an antibacterial application is used to prevent odor and bacterial growth! The 2XU Active 4.5″ Tri Shorts are just what you need for your triathlon experience!

TYR Competitor Tri Suit

So you know about a great tank and a great pair of shorts to wear during the race. But let’s make it simpler. Why not look into a tri suit?

The TYR Competitor Tri Suit offers a great tank and pair of shorts all in one! The TYR Competitor Tri Suit features UPF 50 and great compression. But most importantly, it’s extremely stylish!

This futuristic look will leave all your competitors in the past! This suit is easy to take on and off. And it even offers you awesome pockets!

The suit is lightweight and super comfortable.

Pearl iZUMi Select Pursuit

Tri suits are pretty awesome. So, we can’t leave you with just one option. The Pearl iZUMi Select Pursuit is another great tri suit option. 

It’s lightweight, dries quickly, and even comes with a sports bra! The bra is not built into the suit. And it offers maximum support!

It has great compression and is so lightweight that it fits under your wetsuit. And guess what? This tri suit comes in a variety of colors!

You’ll be styling for sure.

LIV Giant Orion Helmet

Now you have some awesome triathlon clothes that work great for swimming, biking, and running. But you’ll need more than just the clothing.

But triathlon clothes don’t stop at tanks, shorts, and suits. You’ll need triathlon gear too! And the LIV Giant Orion Helmet is a great pair to one of the best triathlon bikes for beginners

This helmet has 20 different vents that travel throughout it! So wet hair and sweaty hair alike will have no problem drying off under this helmet. And it fits snugly without causing discomfort!

So you can bike on worry free of it slipping out of place! Keep pedaling! 

LIV Giant Women’s Velocity Gloves

You’ve got your bicycle and your helmet, but you’ll need some gloves too! The LIV Giant Women’s Velocity Gloves are the perfect match to your helmet. These gloves offer mesh fabric to keep dry from sweat and water.

And these gloves are fingerless! The material stops at that start of your finger. This keeps your fingers free from restrictions.

The Triathlon Clothes You Need

If you’re competing in a triathlon, then you’ll need these triathlon clothes! And you don’t want to take the chance of competing in clothing that isn’t made for all the wear and tear you’ll be putting it through.

Look into these awesome triathlon clothes ideas! And you’ll be ready to compete!

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