Trendy Patch Ideas: 10 Stylish Ways to Wear Patches on Your Clothing

patches on clothing

Leather jackets, overalls, and crop tops are all your favorite go-to pieces right now. But these trends were first introduced in the 1940s and 90s. Thought your parents had no style? 


It’s not uncommon for old trends to come back on the scene. We’ve seen this happen with chokers and cut-off jeans too. And when they come back, they come back strong!

Patches are no exception! They’ve made a comeback of their own, and they’re here to stay. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, finding the right patches to fit your style might be tricky. 

But you’re in luck. We’ve put a list together of 10 stylish ways to wear some great patch ideas on your clothing. But keep in mind, your style makes you, you!

So have fun with it and get creative!

1. Theme: Emoji Patches

Stick to a theme when deciding to rock multiple patches. Pick a theme that shows off your personality. Embrace who you are.

Think about it.

Can’t get through a text without adding in a cute emoji? Or maybe two, or ten! It’s even acceptable now to send a text with just emojis.

No words needed.

Emoji’s do all the expressing for us, and there’s one for every emotion. So if they can help you express yourself through texts, then they can do the same through your clothes!

Emoji patches go great on your jacket and backpack too!  

2. Asymmetry: Embroidered Pin Patches

When it comes to patches, you don’t need to be perfect. Sometimes, trying to line something up too perfectly can backfire. 

Your go-to purse and favorite backpack are scattered with those cute metal pins! Why not cover your clothes with embroidered ones? Go for it!

Pin patches come in all the same colors and designs you love on your metal ones. But these are bigger and better! Why?

Because rocking them on your overly-worn tee shirt means you need them to be seen by everyone! I mean, why not share your cool?

Scatter them around or put them in a cluster on one sleeve and a few here and there on the other.

3. Elbow Patches

That’s right. Elbow patches are in. And anyone can rock them.

But why stop there? Don’t just wear them, wear them with style! Get creative with it.

Elbow patches can be done with sequins, jewels, rhinestones, and whatever else you can think of. Don’t bother sticking to the common oval or round shape. Try different shapes like hearts or flowers.

It’s a perfect way to be stylish and sophisticated. Plus, you get to show your style to everyone behind you as you walk down the city sidewalk that is your runway!

4. Less Is More: Iron-On Patches

Not too thread and needle savvy? There’s nothing wrong with taking the easy way out. Try iron-on patches!

They’re super easy to add onto any boring shirt or jeans that needs a little pick-me-up. A variety of designs are available as iron-on patches. Shop this site for both iron-on and embroidered patches.

Iron-on patches are a great idea for one large patch. Less can be more. If you find the one perfect patch, then print it out large and iron it on to one side of your jeans or back of your jean jacket.

5. Patch Ideas for Your Shoes

So you found a not-so-exciting tee shirt in the back of your closet. And now you’ve covered it in your own custom patches.


But why stop there? Add some more to your shoes! Nothing says style more than shoes that match your outfit. 

6. Sizing: Cats

Cats are fashionable. And they’re taking over social media. It’s time to let them take over your wardrobe. 

But cats come in all sizes. So do patches! Mix it up and try putting one large mama cat with several small cats around her.

It’s like becoming a walking meme. That’s a sure way to grab all the attention. But don’t expect anyone to look at you, because they won’t be able to take their eyes off your awesome cat patches!

But don’t stop at cats! Try this idea with any patch design.

7. Money Bag: Memes

Speaking of memes, what a perfect idea! Think about the funniest meme you know. Now put it in a patch!

Patch ideas aren’t restricted to clothes or shoes. Try them out on your accessories like a pocketbook or purse.

Transforming a funny meme into a patch will put a smile on your face at any moment. Feeling down? Look at your purse.

Instant mood changer. Especially if you’re trying to not think about all the money you just spent during your fashionable day out on the town.

8. Jeans

Don’t feel tied down to tops or shoes. Patch up any pair of jean bottoms! This means pants, capris, skirts, etc…

Patches look great on bottoms too! Try adding them to bottoms only and leave your top patch free. This way, all the focus will be on how great your newly customized jean skirt looks.

9. Floral Patches

Who doesn’t love floral? Floral patches come in all different color schemes and types of flowers. Find the floral pattern that best describes your mood and go for it. 

A trendy garden on your right hip is sure to awe neighbors and friends. Make a statement: a floral statement.

10. Say What

Speaking of making a statement, let your clothes do all the talking. Patches aren’t only made to express pictures and designs. They can express your words too!

Have a favorite quote? Embroider it on your left sleeve. Paste it across your back. Or iron it onto the front of that old pair of jeans. 

Using word patches is a trendy way to spruce up those forgotten about hand-me-downs.

Patch It Up

So if you plan on walking the runway soon, or perhaps planning on putting together your own fashion show, you can’t go wrong with these stylish patch ideas. 

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