Different Hijab Styles: 5 Ways to Wear a Hijab

woman with hijab

What’s your favorite, go-to way to wear a hijab?

Muslim women around the world have created unique and beautiful ways to wear and honor hijab. You may feel content and comfortable with the style you wear every day.

But why not try something new for a change?

Here are 5 beautiful ways to wear a hijab.

1. Afghani Hijab

Which hijab styles are easiest to pull off?

If you can show off some of your hairline, try an Afghani hijab. In Afghanistan, you’ll see women wearing all different styles, but this one is by far the most common.

Any pattern or color scarf will do, but floral and whimsical designs tend to look best in this style.

How to Tie an Afghani Hijab

Once you’ve chosen a scarf, fold it in half – but not entirely. There should be a bit of slack so you can create the signature knot at the end.

Drape the scarf over the top center of your head, covering your ears. This should show off quite a bit of your hairline – but you can adjust this however you please.

Once you’ve pulled the scarf over both ears, tie the ends into a knot. The knot should fall right below your chin and drape over your collarbone.

2. Sri Lankan Hijab

What are some other hijab styles that are beautiful and easy to pull off?

Look no further than the Sri Lankan hijab. When you’re relaxing, frolicking outdoors, or going out to lunch, this is the easiest style to pull off.

Creating this style is simple as you won’t need to fold your scarf in any way. Simply drape it over the top of your head, covering your upper back and shoulders. Make sure one end of the scarf is longer than the other.

Let your scarf fall right above the hairline. Then, pull the longer end of your scarf and wrap it around the opposite shoulder.

Loosen the areas where the scarf meets your chin and jawline. This is a relaxed style that shows off quite a bit of neck. Look for a scarf that has embroidery along the edges.

3. Turkish Hijab

If you have a round face, you may be wondering how to wear a hijab to enhance your features. The Turkish hijab is one of the best styles for complementing rounder faces. But how does this style differ from others?

A Turkish hijab drapes around the chin with a slight pop in the back. It’s common for Turkish women to wear a cap to prevent their scarves from slipping off. But this cap also helps elongate the face, making the face appear slimmer.

In Turkey, it’s common for women to wear silk or satin scarves in this style. If this is a style you want to try, you can shop here for Turkish scarves to complete your look.

How to Tie a Turkish Hijab

Once you have your cap in place, fold your scarf into a triangle. Don’t fold the scarf into a perfect triangle. You want to make sure to leave extra fabric on both sides.

One end of the scarf should be longer than the other as you place it on top of your head. The shorter end should fall below your chin and drape slightly over your shoulders.

Taking the longer side of the scarf, wrap it around the back of your head towards your other shoulder. There are two ways to tie it.

You can tie the scarf into a knot in the front. This is a more formal way of tying the scarf. If you wear a Turkish hijab to the office, complement it with the right business attire.

You could also wrap the scarf loosely over your shoulders. It’s an elegant style nonetheless, and it works for casual and formal settings alike.

4. Kuwaiti Hijab

If you have a square-shaped face, you may be wondering how to wear a hijab that will soften your facial features.

The Kuwaiti hijab softens the cheekbones and chin without taking too much definition away.

The highlight feature of this style is a hood or a cap that covers the entire head. It’s not uncommon for women to wear embellished caps or ones made in a color that’s different from the scarf.

How to Tie a Kuwaiti Hijab

After covering your hair with a cap, fold your scarf in half. Then, place the scarf over the cap and make sure one side is longer than the other. Pull the scarf back at the top of your head so the cap shows.

Pinch both ends of the scarf right below your chin. You can pin it in place with the other side or let it fall loosely.

Then, taking the longer end of the scarf, wrap it around the back top of your head. Make sure this end drapes over your ear. You can let it fall loosely on the same side or pull it over the other shoulder.

5. Turban

If you’re looking for a laid back and stylish way to wear hijab, try a turban. There are many ways to tie and style a turban. But this is the easiest go-to method:

First, tie your hair back into a top knot bun. Then, fold a scarf widthwise and place it over your head. The scarf should cover the bun but there should also be a bit of hairline left showing.

Both ends of the scarf should be even. Tie these ends in the back tight and over the nape of the neck.

Then, pull one end of the scarf over the bun and bring it around. Tuck it in the back. Repeat this with the other side.

The longer and thicker your scarf, the bigger of a turban you’ll create.

Rock Different Hijab Styles This New Year

It’s only the beginning of 2019, and if you’re bored with your usual hijab, this is the year to try something new! With these 5 hijab styles, you can look modest and beautiful in any setting.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a go with any of these styles, pair them with your favorite set of earrings, and put on your best shade of lipstick!

For more information on how to look and feel your best while wearing hijab, check out more tips on our style blog.