Travel in Style: What to Pack for a Cruise for Style and Comfort

woman on cruise

In 2019, it’s expected that 30 million Americans will be passengers on a cruise ship.

That number has continued to rise over the last several years, meaning each year someone is experiencing a cruise for the first time. If you’re a cruise newbie, you’re probably unsure what to plan for your cruise wardrobe. 

Read this guide on what to pack for a cruise so you’re stylish and comfortable.

1. Swimwear

If you’re wondering what to wear on a cruise, swimwear should be at the top of your list.

Whether you’re relaxing poolside on the cruise deck or laying out on the beach during a day trip, you’re going to need at least one new swimsuit. For longer cruises, it’s a good plan to pack several swimsuits so that you have one dry and ready to go at all times. 

Don’t forget to pack cover-ups as well. Many cruise ships have rules that swimsuits are only allowed to be worn at the pool deck when on board. So when you’re walking from your room to the pool you’ll need to cover up. 

2. Formal Outfits

One of the most enjoyable parts of many cruises are the fancy dinners and the excuse to break out a formal outfit. 

You’ll get to choose your dinner reservations so you can choose a higher-end establishment or a more casual dining option. Either way, use dinner as an excuse to dress nicer than you would on a normal night out at home. 

If formal wear intimidates you, check out these fashion tips from the world’s most fashionable women! 

3. Excursion Clothing

Every cruise has excursions so you need to be prepared for whatever activities you want to enjoy. 

Your exact excursions will differ depending on if you are enjoying celebrity cruises from southampton or a family-friendly Disney cruise. So the first step is to figure out what excursions are available and which ones you want to participate in. 

Once you know what excursions you’re taking, you can then pack your cruise wardrobe appropriately.

If you’re going to be hiking and touring the area, pack tennis shoes and sportswear. If you are planning on lounging on a private beach all day, you’ll want extra swimwear and some sort of cover-up. 

4. Casual Wear

During your at sea days, the dress code is casual. You’ll be touring the boat and taking in all the activities the cruise line has to offer. 

The most important rule for these days is to dress comfortably. Remember, you’ll most likely change into your formal wear later in the day for your dinner activities. 

5. Accessories

You may have all the best cruise outfit ideas already in mind, but no cruise wardrobe is complete without accessories. 

Here are a few accessory ideas to consider:

  • A tropical sunhat
  • Fashionable sunglasses
  • Statement jewelry, opt for beaded or bright-colored options
  • A large beach bag to take on excursions or poolside

And don’t forget the most important accessory — sunscreen!

Beyond What to Pack for a Cruise

Now you should have a better understanding of what to pack for a cruise. 

Before you start packing, visit your cruise line website. Many cruise lines outline dress code requirements so that you know what to expect before you depart for sea. This will help you plan ahead and fit in with the crowd. 

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