A Novel Idea: 5 Tips for Self-Publishing a Book

woman reading book

Mother, daughter, boss babe, natural beauty and now … author?

You don’t need a book deal to write and publish a book. In fact, self-publishing a book is making book writing accessible to everyone with an internet connection.

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be a breeze, it’s still hard work. Get our tips for making it work below.

1. It’s Not the Easy Way Out

Some people think that when they self-publish, things are going to be easy. No editors yelling at them to get this right or that right, no deadlines from other people.

And they’re right – kind of. Except if you see self-publishing as the easy way out, your book is going to fail. Just because you don’t have an agency doesn’t mean you can cut corners.

You still need to hire a professional editor to look through your typos and ask clarifying questions. You need to pay for a cover designer, even if it’s someone charging $10 on Fiverr.

Treat this book like you’d treat any other book, but even harsher. You should be your worst critic – and your own best judge.

2. Stick to Your Goals

You know that person who’s been writing a book since 1997 and they’re only on chapter six? Either they have no idea what the story is or they didn’t set writing goals.

You need to set goals for yourself that you can finish in a reasonable time limit. That means knowing your limits, but still pushing yourself.

If you’re some master writer, maybe you can do two chapters in a day. Maybe only one.

If you don’t work well that way, set time limits for yourself. Sit down and write for one or two hours every day. No matter what.

Even if you sit at your computer and open a new document, writing about your friend’s kids birthday party. Writing is a skill and you need to practice it every day.

3. Do Some Research

One great thing about self-publishing is that you can take the time you wouldn’t usually have to research. The famous author Jodi Picoult does months of research before she writes a new book.

You probably don’t have months. But do you have a day you can go spend with people like your characters? Yes – and your writing will be better because of it.

4. Get Reviews

Amazon offers a way to make your book free for the first couple of days it’s up, so you can get some in-kind reviews. Advertise that. Ask friends and family – but don’t fake it.

Getting fake reviews will backfire eventually, be it karma or from people finding out. Keep your head high and do the right thing, even if it takes more time.

5. Market It!

So many people forget this essential step of self-publishing. You still have to market your book.

No one is sitting at home googling your name and “first book”. Invest in some Facebook ads and take a quick course or watch a YouTube video on audience targeting.

Once you’ve used Instant publisher, get to marketing!

Self-Publishing a Book

Writing and then publishing a book isn’t meant to be easy. If it was everyone would write a book and print media wouldn’t be dying.

The key is to set realistic goals and not cut corners when you’re self-publishing a book. If you do, you’ll fail – we can almost guarantee it.

We can also guarantee that if you try hard and believe in yourself- you’ll soar. Learn more about living your best life here