4 Healthy New Trends to Try in 2019

healthy food in jars

It’s 2019 and we’re wondering what trends will kick in over the next year. Will we see home exercise machines and unitards make a comeback? Or will velcro make its way onto our running shoes again?

What’s not going away is the “spend to get fit” trend. Millennials spend more on fitness than they ever spent on college. We certainly spent too much on jackfruit and avocado toast in the last few years.

What new trends are emerging in 2019? Let’s take a look.

1. New Trends in 2019: Menstruation Becomes Less Taboo

It happens to all women. It’s as natural as breathing. And yet, so many people are unwilling to talk about it.

Menstruation and women’s health are no longer taboo nowadays. And the free market is changing to accommodate this trend.  

What are we looking at in 2019? Think apps that analyze hormonal changes by looking at your skin condition and your mood. How about easy period tracking so you know if you’re menstruating in a healthy way (or easily know if you might be preggo)?

In fact, apps like Moody Month are already allowing you to track your period. This helps you plan your workouts as well as your sleep and your diet. 

2. Plant-Based Drinks Are on the Rise

If you haven’t gone full vegan yet, you might be lessening your dependence on animal products as a food source. The plant-based market grew 62 percent in the last five years — and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. 

Instead of making your Matcha Matcha Tea with cow’s milk, you’ll more likely use oat milk this year. That’s right, even almond milk is out and oat milk is the up and coming milk substitution of 2019.

3. Nootropic Foods

We talk a ton about heart health. We try our best to avoid anything that might clog our arteries. But the body is no good without the brain.

In 2019, nootropics will become all the rage. What are nootropics? They’re essentially supplements designed to enhance brain health and function. 

Today, with the new push to take care of our brain, we’re seeing an upsurge in what we call nootropic foods. That’s brain-healthy foods if you were wondering.

If you eat salmon and dark chocolate or put turmeric on your food, you’re already eating nootropic foods. 

4. CBD-Infused Foods

Proponents of CBD claim that the non-psychoactive part of cannabis can cure any disease under the sun. While more research is needed, some benefits are already apparent.

Food companies are taking advantage of this new craze. CBD is now on the menu at many hipster restaurants. You can find it in smoothies, sauces, and even beer!

Fantastic 2019 Food Trends

2019 will be a fantastic year for foodies. And while we might be able to predict some new trends, you’re going to be surprised at what the new year brings — we guarantee it.

We’re all about being healthy here at Sofia’s Beauty Boutique. If you’re interested in some more stellar health advice, check out our health section.