Ladies, These Are the Best Things to Buy with a Credit Card!

woman with credit card

It’s no secret that credit cards are pretty great. See something you don’t like but don’t have the cash on you? Just swipe and pay later!

But there are less obvious benefits to having a credit card, too, like that they make getting insurance easy and they can earn you even more money if you keep your credit score up.

Still, if you’re a girl who loves shopping, it can be easy to get carried away with your credit card purchases. We’ve all gone out and just charged that 200 dollar dress because we thought we had to have it, only to realize we couldn’t afford groceries.

But fear this unfortunate situation no more, for we are here to tell you five things that are the best things to buy on credit!

A Gift For Your Bestie

One of the best feelings in the world is giving, and who better to show appreciation for than the best friend that’s stuck by you through thick and thin? There are a lot of gift ideas out there that your gal pal is going to love.

A great thing about charging gifts is that most of the time, a nice present isn’t going to break the bank. Still, it will give your friend a reason to smile and you a chance to show how much you heart her.

An Outfit Fit For Outings

And, of course, the kryptonite that leaves a hole in the pockets of most women: clothing. Charging clothes is great because it lets you get nice things when you see them, but it’s important to be cautious. Keep track of the clothing charges you’re making, and try to be frugal.

Luckily, if you’re smart, you can put together an outfit for a night in town pretty inexpensively! Check out these outfit ideas on Pinterest to get the ball rolling on choosing what to shop for.

Hot Makeup

Of course, with our new outfits, you’re going to want some makeup. Make sure that you’re getting something that goes with the new clothes. You don’t want to find out you don’t match when you’re already out with friends or on a date!

Makeup is an area that, like clothes, a lot of girls overspend in. But if you check out this review site, you’ll have a much easier time seeing where your money is going and budgeting.

A Streaming Subscription

A great thing about charge cards is that they were basically made for online subscriptions. Just put the numbers into Netflix or Hulu, and voila! Instant entertainment. 

Subscribing to an online streaming service will let you and your friends watch shows and movies that empower you, as girls. From Pretty Little Liars to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to Legally Blonde, there are a lot of options to choose from!

A Good Book

Another great way to entertain yourself on a night in that can be bought cheaply on your credit card are books! Really, for the amount of time you get from them, books are the best bang for your buck when it comes to entertainment.

Reading a book by an empowered woman about empowered women can be a huge confidence boost. If you like fantasy, try a book by Cassandra Clare or VE Schwab, and if you’re more down-to-earth, try one of Colleen Hoover’s contemporary stories.

And if you want to go classic, there’s always the amazing Jane Austen!

Get The Best Things To Buy

The best things to buy on a credit card aren’t overly expensive, but are simple things like clothes and books as well as longtime subscriptions. Now that you know that, check out our contact page to get more tips on how to keep being the strong woman you know you are!