15 Romantic Vacation Ideas That’ll Make Your Heart Explode

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You and your husband work hard on a regular basis. You juggle marriage, family, and careers together every single day. If you haven’t taken a vacation together in a while, it’s time to do so. 

The good news is that there are a ton of destination options available for you to consider. Statistics show that the United States spends over $1 trillion on domestic and foreign travel. In other words, that’s a large industry with a lot of options!

You and your husband deserve the best vacation you can manage and afford. Take the time to research, organize, and plan the vacation of your dreams.

If you need romantic vacation ideas, you’ve come to the right place by reading this article. Detailed below is the ultimate list of fifteen destinations for romantic vacations. You and your husband will be on your way to (some version of) paradise in no time!

1. A Southern Affair in Savannah, Georgia

Couples of all kinds deserve to take a romantic vacation at some point in life. The pressures of modern society can simply be too much sometimes. 

For a quiet getaway where you can enjoy the perks of a simple life, visit Savannah, Georgia. Though the state’s capital, don’t think this is a bustling, loud, typical city. Savannah still has cobblestone streets at old-fashioned southern hospitality. 

Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage along the scenic roads. You and your husband will swoon over the area’s lovely historical architecture.

2. Live a Life of Leisure in Napa, California

Who wouldn’t like to spend a few days drinking a (responsible) amount of wine? After all, sharing a nice bottle of wine with your husband has other perks. Such delicious stimulation can even lead to you feeling and becoming a more sensual woman during your trip. 

If that sounds appealing, you should check out the Napa Valley area in California. It’s likely you’ve heard of their famous wine before. It’s certainly an inspiration to enjoy your leisurely romantic vacation. 

3. Jump Back in Time in Providence, Rhode Island

There’s nothing like a beautiful little town to lighten the mood between you and your hubby. Let the charm of Providence delight and comfort you. With its many waterways, you can even enjoy a riverboat tour as an ideal romantic activity. 

4. Enjoy Mountain Life in Aspen, Colorado

Have you and your husband ever been skiing before? Whether you’re experts or beginners, perhaps it’s time you visit a skiing resort in Aspen, Colorado. It boasts of beautiful mountain views, sophisticated resort facilities, and a wicked ski slope. 

Don’t worry if you need to shop for a bunch of winter or skiing attire. There are plenty of awesome online shopping sites for women to browse. 

5. Couples Spa at Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re looking for one of the best spa resorts for you and your husband, look no further. Book at least one weekend at the Hutton Hotel in your life.

Their spa services are well-known, so take advantage. You and your husband work hard and deserve the rejuvenation, after all. 

6. Discover National Parks Throughout the United States

Perhaps you’re the type of couple who prefers real camping – on the ground and everything. If you and your husband consider yourselves expert campers, you’re in luck.

The United States is huge enough to have dozens of awesome national parks for you to camp in. This is how you can really escape your daily routines. You might be all alone out there, so make sure you’re ready for some forced quality time!

7. A Weekend Getaway in a New England Fishing Town

Remember the fact that studies show travel strengthens the relationship between you and your partner. It doesn’t matter exactly where you go or what you do. The important part of your romantic vacation is to do things intentionally and lovingly together. 

Perhaps you both just want a quiet weekend by the ocean – but without a noisy party beach. If so, consider escaping to a New England fishing village. Perhaps you can catch a quick boat ride with a salty fisherman!

8. Reconnect in a Secluded Cabin in Wisconsin

It’s hard to overestimate the power of a quiet weekend in the middle of the woods. That quiet weekend becomes even more powerful when you spend every second of it snuggling close to someone you adore. 

The romance in Wisconsin is unmistakable. Spending quality time will only bring you closer together. 

9. Along for the Ride on a Romantic Cruiseline

If you don’t like the idea of planning out your romantic vacation, that’s okay. It’s the reason vacation packages like cruises exist. You and your husband can then enjoy the see and all kinds of entertainment all for one inclusive price. 

10. Take a River Tour and Explore Paris at Night

If you’re looking for a foreign romantic vacation, your best bet is to visit Paris, France. This city is known for its romance, its pleasure, and its overall theme of love. 

Make the most of Paris’s historical experience with romance. This tour is a great example of a romantic activity famous in the beautiful City of Lights. Witness the well-known splendor of this timeless riverboat cruise. 

11. Explore Nature in the Dominican Republic

Maybe you like to be challenged, even when you travel for pleasure. Are you looking for a vacation that involves more outdoor activities? Do you and your husband like to go hiking, fishing, zip-lining, or even rock climbing?

The good news is that an exotic location like the Dominican Republic has all these outdoor activities and more available. It’s up to you, though, to do the research and find safe practices for such activities on a remote island. This romantic vacation might take a lot of planning ahead. 

12. Relax at a resort in Thailand

True escape means you aren’t bothered by any pressures from your “regular” lives. You and your husband deserve complete tranquility if that’s what you seek. 

Well, why not escape far, far away? Travel somewhere distant to a place like Thailand, where secluded resorts have all the pleasant distractions you need. 

Romance, of course, is about cultivating a pleasurable experience for you and your partner. The scenic views and pastoral living in some of these remote Thai villages can help you disconnect from stress and reconnect with each other. 

13. Seek Adventure in Belize

Perhaps you or your husband is a history buff. Don’t worry – there’s a great option for the curious, adventurous souls.

Consider spending some time in Belize together. Not only is the country a great place to find high-quality accommodations and hospitality, but it has some secrets.

Belize has multiple, well-maintained Mayan ruins that might interest you. Some of these sites hold religious and sacred stories within them. Allow the magic of historical mystery charm you both on this mystical romantic journey. 

14. Bounce Through Bed & Breakfasts in Ireland

If you’ve never traveled through Ireland, a romantic vacation is a perfect excuse to attend. Bed & Breakfast locations are numerous throughout both the large cities and charming villages. 

Plus, you can even have a blast traveling there in the fall or spring seasons. Any unfortunate weather has no effect on the romance of this vacation idea. Who wouldn’t like to snuggle up next to a fire with a hot cup of tea on a rainy night? 

15. Witness the Splendor of Agriculture in St. Petersburg

The last romantic vacation idea might be quite a long journey. If you and your husband are committed, though, it can be one of the most beautiful experiences. 

St. Petersburg, in Russia, is a towering city on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Its architectural marvels were beautifully inspired by the late Czar Peter the Great. These are historical sites you both have to see if you appreciate Russian culture at all.

Simply put, the city is naturally elegant and, therefore, romantic. Go in the summer, though, to stay warm together!

Next Steps After Choosing from These Romantic Vacation Ideas

At this point in the article, you should have a pretty good idea of your ultimate vacation destination. It’s understandable if you’re really looking forward to this trip. You and your husband deserve the quality time together. 

After selecting your favorite of all the romantic vacation ideas, there are a couple more things you need to do. Start by ensuring your finances and your budgets are in order. Make sure you’re able to bring plenty of spending money on your trip to really enjoy it. 

In addition, it’s likely that you’ll want to be in good shape on this romantic adventure. We know how important it is to make the most of each opportunity life brings our way. We’re here to help you thrive when you’re on that awesome vacation with your husband.

That’s why we encourage you to continue to keep yourself informed of all the latest trends in health and beauty. Make sure you travel in your top condition so that nothing gets in the way of your vacation experience. Check out our health article archives online today to get started.