How to Be a Good Dog Owner as a Single Woman

woman kissing dog

Being single is fun! There’s definitely a lot of perks to checking the “single” box on your relationship status. These include such things as the freedom to go where you want when you want to, sleeping in the middle of the bed, and having sole access to the TV remote!

But there are also challenges. Such as how to be a good dog owner. After all, living alone and having a dog in the city is a lot of responsibility.

Let’s take a look at some things to keep in mind as a singleton seeking K9 companionship.

How to Be a Good Dog Owner as a Single Woman

Owning and raising a puppy as a busy single woman can be difficult, but we’re going to show you how to be a good dog owner even with a busy lifestyle.

Always Plan Ahead

Just as with caring for a child, you’ve got to plan ahead. When going to work, on a date, or out with friends, you will need to make sure that your dog is properly fed, gets walked, and receives plenty of dog training.

The ability to be spontaneous is part of the fun of being single, but it’s crucial that your little buddy at home is cared for so that she stays happy and healthy.

When Dating, Make Sure They Are a Dog Lover

When looking for a special someone to spend time with, be upfront about your love of dogs and see how they respond. Because if the love of a furry friend isn’t mutual, it’s probably best to just move along.

Keep a Lint Roller Handy

This is just good practical advice. Because when you own a dog, you’ll likely spend a lot of time snuggling and have plenty of close contact. So if your dog sheds, you’ll soon discover that your clothes are covered in hair. Always keep a good lint roller nearby to ensure that you look your best.

Remember to Get Out and Have a Life

When you’re a dog owner, it can be tempting to spend the majority of your free time at home with your favorite snuggle partner. After all, dogs offer amazing companionship and unconditional love. And you might feel a tinge of guilt at the thought of leaving them at home.

But you have to live your life. It’s not healthy to make your dog your primary relationship. And believe it or not, your dog will be fine. It’s easy to project human emotions onto our pets, but that’s ultimately kind of silly. You’ll both be happier with some time apart.

Go out and have fun, then come home and give your four-legged friend the attention she wants and needs! 

Don’t Make Every Conversation About Your Dog

When you date, feel free to talk about your dog, but don’t make this the primary focus of the conversation. It can become annoying and you’ll run the risk of sounding a little nutty.

Have a Dog-Gone Great Life!

Learning how to be a good dog owner as a single woman is about striking the right balance between personal freedom and responsibility. Dogs offer comfort and unconditional love, yet allow you the freedom to also seek human relationships. Being a single dog owner offers the best of both worlds!

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