Make a Resolution: 5 Skincare Habits to Make 2019 Flawless

woman taking care of her skin

Your skin is the body’s largest organ.

But the skin on your face is exposed to the sun, wind, and pollution in the air. Not to mention all the germs living on your cell phone.

Read on for five skincare habits you need to start right now to take care of your face.

1. Remove Makeup Every Night

Yes, we know sometimes you have late nights and you just want plop into bed without doing your usual nighttime skincare routine. But spending all night with pore-clogging makeup isn’t good for your skin.

Sleeping with makeup on leads to acne breakouts and wrinkles.

Keep makeup remover wipes on your nightstand. If you can’t stay awake long enough to do your skincare routine order, at least wipe your face with a makeup remover wipe.

Then, in the morning, make sure to give your face a good wash and then moisturize.

2. Use Toner

Many women invest in a lot of products for a basic skincare routine that involves cleaning the face. There’s makeup remover, eye makeup remover, face wash, face scrubs, and so on.

Most of these products work to clean your face. But they also strip the natural oils out of your skin. This results in that tight feeling you get on your face after you cleanse it.

When your skin feels that way, it doesn’t have enough natural oils, and it kicks up the oil production. In turn, your face becomes oily and more prone to breakout.

You can prevent this problem by investing in a good quality, natural skincare toner. You can buy it in a liquid or a face mist. Toners restore the pH levels on your face and put back the good oils on your skin.

3. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Even on cloudy and overcast days, the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can penetrate your skin’s deepest layers.

Over time, sun damage reduces the amount of collagen on your face. This leads to wrinkles and premature aging.

Use a daily sunscreen for your face that is at least SPF 45. SPF 60 is even better. Keep the bottle in your bathroom and make putting in on part of your morning skincare routine.

4. Drink Lots of Water

You might be wondering what drinking water has to do with skincare habits. The answer is a lot!

Your body relies on water to flush out toxins. Water pushes out bacteria to keep your face clean. It also balances the natural oils in your skin.

Drinking enough water lowers your risk of getting acne, dry skin, and other skin care problems.

Plus, drinking lots of water is good for your hair, nails, weight, and overall health.

5. Use an Eye Cream

The skin right under your eye is thin and fragile. It’s one of the first areas on your face that begins to show signs of aging.

Keep using a moisturizing cream for your whole face this year. Just add in a routine of dabbing an eye cream on too. Do it every day at bedtime and, if you can, during your morning skincare routine too!

Bottom Line on Skincare Habits

We hope you incorporate these five skincare habits into your skincare routine. If you do, you’ll have youthful, flawless skin all year long.

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