Step Out in Style This Spring: 10 of the Best Sneakers For Women

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Last year, profits from sneakers rose 37%. Athletic footwear is a $64.3 billion industry worldwide.  

While heels in the 90s were sometimes grotesquely out of proportion, in 2018 women are taking comfort in comfort. As fashion grows more casual, footwear follows suit.

Get your Spring fashion sorted out now by checking out the top sneaker fashion trends for next year. Here are 10 of the best sneakers for women.

1. High-Tops

High-top sneakers are the new leather bootie. With a similar profile to the ubiquitous fall favorite, high-tops offer extra support and warmth and go with just about everything.

They look great with tights and a skirt. High-tops are a friend to any cut of jeans, from cigarette to skinny to boyfriend. They can even add instant style to a pair of sweats.

Nike’s Blazer Mid Rebel Sneakers have a vintage flair. They come in some unexpected muted colors with a contrasting quilted tongue.

Converse’s collaboration with Comme des Garçons is a sweeter style with polka-dots. And there are also high-tops with intricate embroidery or florals. Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh juxtaposes their dainty floral with industrial elements, including a vibrant colored zip tie and matching tags.

2. Sock Shoes

Sneakers go soft as they morph into a shoe/sock hybrid. Similar to the shoe socks you get when your baby first stars walking, sock shoes are a sock with a sole.

Loeffler Randall’s Scout Sock Sneaker has playful ankle stripes. Balenciaga’s Speed Knit sneakers are more athletic.

3. Slip-Ons

Why tie one on when you could slip it on instead? Vans corners the market in this trendy casual shoe style.

Their canvas checkerboard never goes out of style. And their woven tiger slip-on is a chic twist.

With more than 60 slip-on styles alone, Vans knows that shoes are a defining feature for many. To find out more about what your shoe choice says about you, read more here.

4. Glitter

Nearly every shoe profile has been doused in glitter, and it’s irresistible. 

You can get a fully glitz encrusted shoe. Or err on the side of subtlety with a simple heel tab accent or a rainbow glitter running stripe.

Gola Orchid Rainbow Glitter Sneakers offer just a hint of glam. Meanwhile, Kate Spade’s New York Felecia kicks match iridescent silver with a fully glittered upper.

5. Worn-In

Stop trying to keep your soles clean and give in to the worn look for female sneakers.

Dingy laces reek of camping or adventure without actually reeking at all. Outer soles are discolored and come pre-smudged. A fraying collar completes the look.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers have it all. You can get nearly any style of shoe as dinged up and dirtied as you’d like. They’re the best casual shoes for women who don’t want to stress about scuff marks.

6. Velcro

Velcro shoes are about as casual as it gets. The straps give your sneakers a level of tactile feedback. That familiar ripping sound is oddly satisfying.

The Sperry Women’s Crest Creepers keep from skewing too Grandma with their fresh white linen finish and vertical striping in the sole.

7. Chunky

Like a failed yo-yo diet, trainers have bulked back up to their late 90s/early 2000s proportions. The thick soles can be measured in inches, and there’s an increase in overall girth. It’s the antithesis to sleek.

Nike Air Max 97 SE Sneakers are a refined take on the chunky shoe. Their rippled uppers come in a variety of interesting textiles including suede and gold lamé.

Yeezy weighs in with the Yeezy 700 Sneakers that are a mixture of space exploration and futuristic dystopia.

8. Orthopedic

At the very extreme end of the chunky-soled sneaker is the trend toward orthopedics. Some have actual orthotic inserts. Others only look like they should.

Worn with suits and skirts, they offer the unexpected scroll down. 

Balenciaga’s Triple S Sneakers are a colorful octogenarian shoe with mesh accents and striped laces. Fila’s Disruptor II shoes are all-white except for the logo. And Acne Studios has an exact opposite in all-black.

9. Knitwear

Knits have already shown up on this list with the sock shoes, but they show up elsewhere in footwear, as well. Whether as small embellishments or as part of running shoe technology, knit is in.

Greats’ The Royale Knit Sneakers feature patches of small-scale waffle stitch that contrasts with portions of nubby seed stitch. The overall effect is classy and elevates basic white to something dynamic.

Adidas is making knit the hero of their Ultraboost Parley Shoes by Stella McCartney and their Prophere Shoe. Variegated yarn in heather gray or multicolors makes uppers as cozy as they are cool. The Parley sneaker is even made with yarn comprised of recycled ocean plastic.

Both Adidas shoes have strappy details that crisscross the knitwear for added interest.

10. Retro 

Nostalgia is as powerful in fashion as it is in holiday commercials. There’s a new crop of retro and vintage inspired sneakers on the docket.

The classic striped creeper gets an update with canvas ruffles along the lacing panel. It’s the perfect feminine touch.

Puma and Nike are offering retro styles with luxe construction. Suede, leather, and a teddy bear textile are an upgrade in materials. Pastels and earthy tones bring new life to classic profiles.

If you missed your chance at Air Jordans, get ready to jump for joy. The Max Air heels are back, this time in tweed and glitter.

Reebok is also back in a big way with dad shoes galore. Their stylized x-logo shows up in high contrast black and white and pops of red.

The Best Sneakers for Women Are the Ones You Love

With so many designers turning their eye to the casual shoe, there’s a style of sneakers for every occasion. The best sneakers for women like you are the ones that excite you! If you’re into retro, classic, dressed up, or even a little weird, there’s a shoe for you next Spring.

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