Forget Small Business; Go For The Brand: How To Make Your Side Hustle Into A Lifestyle Brand In 2019

brand on giant sign

Over 40 million Americans have reported having a side hustle that they do outside of their typical nine to five.

Some of them do it for extra cash, while others see it as their true passion and life’s calling. 

However, many people feel that it’s impossible to ever turn their side hustle into something more or even quit their job and go full time with it. What they don’t realize is that it is possible to take something they do on the side and grow it to their full-time job.

Turning a side hustle into a lifestyle brand doesn’t happen overnight, but with a little extra effort and by following the tips below, it can happen sooner than you think.

What Is a Lifestyle Brand?

You’re looking at one. Sofia’s Beauty Boutique was started to give women advice that will help them live their best lives.

But it doesn’t have to be on the internet, many people’s passion projects have a physical presence, like gardening, hand-crafted jewelry, or even making buttons. A lifestyle brand takes a way of living and provides a space for others who relate to that lifestyle with opportunities to get involved.

Getting started is easy. Just be yourself.

Define Who You Are

It may seem like a cliche to say you are unique, but it’s irrefutably true. 

Your uniqueness doesn’t have to be in how you dress, act, or talk, it’s about how you see the world and think about things. You already have a side hustle, so think about why it appeals to you.

What characteristics about yourself make you naturally good at it? Why do you like it, and why do you want to keep doing it?

If you can answer these questions, you will have a strong base from which to build your lifestyle brand. People will read about your passion and motives, and if they relate, they will want to support you and join in. 

Defining who you are is not only a great exercise for branding but for yourself as well.

Do Some Branding

No one expects you to create a fully realized brand complete with adverts and a whole suite of marketing materials (that’s what brands like Barking Dog are for).

Instead, start with the basics.

Create a style (patterns, colors, etc) that you use for everything. This will help people recognize your brand easier.

Think about the tone of your brand and stick to it. Are you fun and excited? Serious and knowledgeable? Do what feels natural.

Finally, define exactly what it is you offer people. This helps remove ambiguity and attract the right people.

Start Sharing More

Surprisingly, we don’t mean social media, because we assume you already knew that.

What many don’t realize is how important it is to share yourself with others. Posting images and videos about yourself, your thoughts, and opinions, helps connect you with your customers. 

Rather than seeing you as a business, they will see you for who you are and begin to like and respect you as a person. This will encourage them to support you over competitors and also create a dialogue where they feel comfortable telling you where to improve and what to do even better.

Be Ambitious 

Sometimes we set the bar to a place that feels comfortable, like “if I can make one customer happy, then I’ll be happy.”

What do you want? Say it. Write it down. Hang it your wall. Then go get it.

It’s your lifestyle brand, it’s your passion, just be real and work to make it happen. For more advice on living your best life, check out our other articles.