Cool, Casual, and Chic: How to Rock a Black Bomber Jacket

woman in bomber jacket and sunglasses

Since it made the transition from military uniform to blue-collar streetwear in the 1960s, the bomber jacket has been a classic fashion piece.

This versatile garment has evolved over the decades. There are now bomber jackets in every color imaginable, and many of them bear little resemblance to their ancestors. But sometimes, a simple black bomber jacket is all you need to impress.

The same thing that makes the black bomber jacket appealing is also what makes it daunting. There are endless options for wearing it. How do you sort through your options to find the style that works best for you?

We’ll help you answer that question by sorting through the options for you. What follows is a rundown of the myriad ways to rock a black bomber jacket. Keep reading to find that one that works for you.

Black Bomber Jacket Styling Options

You can wear a black bomber jacket in any but the most formal situations, and even then, there are times you can get away with it!

Here are some of our personal favorite bomber outfits to consider.

Keep It Casual

You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans. Bomber jackets look great when you play with lengths, so consider an oversized t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans for a really varied look.

Let It Be Loungewear

Wear your black bomber jacket with a pair of sweatpants. We’re serious. This is a perfect jacket to keep you warm while you run to the grocery store on your day off.

Sweatpants have never been more fashionable. Yes, you can rock the athleisure look if that suits you, but you can also go full slob with baggy sweats and a bomber jacket. The jacket elevates the pants in a way that masks your laziness.

Dress Down a Dress

While a bomber jacket elevates a pair of sweatpants, it can make a fancy dress more approachable. The right bomber gives a long dress a sporty look.

Go Full Pinup

Hark back to the bomber jacket’s origins by channeling your inner Rosie the Riveter.

You can pair an oversized bomber jacket with a headscarf, bright red lipstick, and either a skirt or black jeans that match your jacket. You’ll look straight out of the movie Grease.

This look is both chic and tastefully sexy. Learn more by exploring the full variety of bomber jackets that fit the pinup look. 

Be Bold with Prints

Many of these looks apply to any color bomber jacket, so let’s get as specific as we can to the black bomber. It’s a wonderful piece because of how well black pairs with most items of clothing. But you can really set it apart by throwing some patterns against it.

Choose bright floral patterns or all-over prints to really make this look pop.

Bombs Away

There are as many ways to rock a black bomber jacket as there are people to wear them. We hope you’ve found this sampling enlightening. If it inspires you to create your own look, we’ll consider our job done.

Once you’ve got your bomber situation squared away, be sure to check out Sofia’s other beauty and fashion tips.