5 of the Hottest Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Performed in the USA

cosmetic surgery preparation

The first boob job was performed in 1895 to correct breast asymmetry. Since then, the field of plastic surgery has progressed by leaps and bounds.

Procedures are safer, more effective, and less invasive than in the past. And these minimally invasive procedures are more popular than ever. 

Are you considering a full-blown surgical overhaul of your midsection? Or a light retouching of your face? Either way, plastic surgery has an answer for you.

Read on to learn about 5 of the top cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the US.

What Toxin? Botox for Wrinkles

Minimally invasive procedures are more common than ever in today’s plastic surgery landscape. And Botox is the king of minimally invasive facial treatments. 

Botox is useful for a bunch of non-cosmetic reasons. It reduces migraine pain and corrects facial ticks. But let’s be honest, it’s the fine lines and wrinkles we’re really after when we opt for Botox. 

This safe and effective injection temporarily paralyzes the muscles of the face. Thus causing wrinkles to pack their bags and head for higher ground.

Lips Like Kylie: Facial Fillers

Ever since Kylie Jenner plumped up her lips, facial fillers are like the new black of cosmetic procedures. Like Botox, fillers are great for routing out wrinkles. But fillers also work for deep wrinkles, like pronounced crows feet and laugh lines. 

Fillers are also used to plump up thin areas of the face, like cheekbones. And filler for under eye circles keeps you looking wide awake no matter how much sleep you got.

The Ultimate Job: Breast Augmentation

A great boob job is always en vogue. On the more traditional side of cosmetic procedures, a breast augmentation counts as a major surgery.

But it’s still one of the most common procedures around. Since the year 2000, breast augmentation numbers have increased over 40%.

And the numbers keep rising. Fortunately, the surgery and implants continue to improve in safety in durability.

It Certainly Does Suck: Liposuction

Liposuction is second only to boob jobs in the ranks of popular plastic surgery procedures. It’s convenient to get liposuction alongside other procedures, like breast surgery or tummy tucks. This adds to its appeal.

It’s also a versatile method of removing fat from the body. Doctors perform liposuction under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. And you can get a lot or a little fat removed at a time.

Laser Love: Laser Skin Resurfacing

Lasers are the hottest thing in plastic surgery these days. Why? Because they can do almost anything!

And many laser procedures don’t require you to stay in the hospital… or even take a long lunch. That’s because they work using small measures to make big results.

One of the most popular laser procedures is skin resurfacing. Lasers take off the top few layers of skin to reveal the healthier, younger-looking skin below. They can also tighten skin and reduce wrinkles in the same way.

Plus, if you suffer from hyperpigmentation, lasers work for that too. They clear away dark spots and large pores. They can even remove errant hairs for good!

The Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for You

Are you considering one of the top cosmetic surgery procedures? If so, good for you! Cosmetic procedures are safer and less invasive than they’ve ever been in the past. 

Botox smooths fine lines and wrinkles. While facial fillers plump up lips and deep wrinkles in one or two injections. 

Two of the old favorites, boob jobs and liposuction, are as popular today as they’ve ever been. And lasers are now used for everything from hyperpigmentation to permanent hair removal.

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