The Art of Deception: How to Tell If Your Husband Is Lying

woman telling man to stop talking

From companies lying with statistics to the white lie you tell your aunt when she asks you how she looks in her new swimsuit, we all are surrounded by lies all day long. 

Some of these lies are more harmful than others, and the most painful of all are lies told by those closes to you. If you start to believe that your husband is lying to you, then you will start to respond, perhaps subconsciously, and could potentially start problems in your relationship that didn’t actually exist.

But then again if your spouse is actually lying, you deserve to know the truth. Fortunately lying isn’t fool-proof. Learn how to tell if your husband is lying in this helpful post.

Watch His Body Language

Body language is the surest way to tell someone is lying. If they begin to fib, their hands will become fidgety and they may be able to bounce their foot or legs with unease. 

They will also gravitate towards objects that can conceal their faces like pretending to read a newspaper or watch the television. If you want to be sure you are getting the full story, make sure your husband gives you his full attention before you begin to ask him about anything.

Check for Eye Contact

While using an eye detector may be out of your price range, checking for proper eye contact is one of the most simple ways to tell if someone is lying.

When someone lies, they will look anywhere but in your eyes, fearing the discovery and disappointment that may lie within them. If your husband doesn’t seem to meet your eye contact anymore, then he may be hiding something.

Check for Contradicting Statements

While we all get confused sometimes and mess up dates and times, there are some contradictions that can’t be explained by simple confusion. 

If you find your spouse is changing their story a lot, particularly when you confront them with inconsistencies, then you can be sure they’re lying. The question you have to ask yourself at that point is why? Do they feel like they can tell you anything?

How to Tell if Your Husband is Lying: Ask Others

While most people don’t like to get involved in other people’s relationships, if your husband is lying to you and sneaking around, then other people are bound to know.

Don’t overreact and start calling all of your neighbors asking if they’ve seen your husband out with anyone at the bars recently. But do make yourself available to friends who express concern. Let your friends know you welcome the truth in all its forms.

Make Him Share the Details

Trying to keep up with the details of a lie is the hardest part. If you really want to be sure if your husband is lying, get them to tell you a lot of details about the lie, write them down, and then ask him the same questions tomorrow.

You’ll want to have the details written down because if he is a really good liar, then he will be able to manipulate you into thinking you misheard him the day prior if he makes a mistake.

More Life Advice

Learning how to tell if your husband is lying can be paramount to your long-term happiness. You deserve to be with someone who is kind and cares enough about you to tell you the truth. 

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