How Did THAT Get There?! 8 Factors That Lead to Premature Wrinkles

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It’s an indisputable fact that the older you get, the more wrinkled and aged your skin becomes. But did you know that many of the signs of aging have nothing to do with the actual aging process? Lifestyle and environmental factors can play a huge part in premature wrinkles, and the decisions you play a pivotal part in how youthful you look.

8 Factors That Lead to Premature Wrinkles

Are you worried about premature wrinkles? Wish you knew what caused premature aging, and what you could do to keep your skin from aging prematurely? In this article, we’re covering 8 factors that contribute to premature wrinkling, so you can avoid the aging process and look younger for longer.

1. The Sun

Believe it or not, sun exposure can do massive damage to your skin over time. That’s because the sun’s UVA and UVB rays penetrate your skin’s deepest layers, which causes premature aging and wrinkling. The effects of sun damage, even in its most minimal forms, will deplete your collagen and elastin supply, which will result in the wrinkling of the skin.

To avoid this issue, it’s best to wear at least SPF 30 on a daily basis, even when it’s cold or overcast out. Be sure to reapply sunblock often, hydrate regularly, and avoid direct sun exposure whenever possible. By doing these simple things, you can protect your skin and stay looking young.

2. Pollution

Do you live in a city? Chances are you’re more at risk of wrinkling. In fact, a 2010 study showed that women who live in rural areas have fewer wrinkles and age spots than women in urban settings.

This skin damage is due to environmental pollution, which is more common in urban areas. This pollution causes free radical damage, and that takes a toll on the skin over time. If you live in a city, make sure to wash your face every night before bed to remove the pollution particles that lead to wrinkling and skin damage.

3. Stress

Stress takes a toll on more than just your mental and emotional health; it negatively impacts physical health elements like skin. That’s because stress increases your body’s cortisol levels, which reduces your skin’s moisture levels and causes signs of aging. Stress also elevates your blood sugar levels, impacting the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin.

These stress-related issues break down the support structure’s that keep your skin firm. That’s why it’s important to address your stress issues head on, and do whatever you need to de-stress, whether that’s seeing a therapist, exercising often, or taking walks.

4. Sugar

You probably know sugar can cause weight gain, but did you know it can also cause your skin to prematurely age? That’s because sugar messes with your body’s collagen and elastin, which work to prevent premature aging. Sugar also introduces toxins into your body that further exacerbate this issue.

If you’re worried about premature aging, you should try eliminating sugar from your diet for two weeks. Not only will this reduce wrinkles and fine lines, but it will also help you lose any extra weight and leave you feeling less lethargic and more energized.

While you’re at it, start taking everyday essential vitamins to improve your overall health.

5. Sleep

Do you get less than 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night? Chances are that’s why you’re seeing unsightly lines and wrinkles on your face. Your quality of sleep plays a big role in your skin’s overall aging process, and not getting enough of it can leave you looking old and worn.

Without the proper amount of sleep, your pH is altered, and your body is unable to flush toxins from your body. By getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night you can reduce these problems, and look (and feel) well-rested.

6. Dry Skin

Dry skin isn’t just unsightly and uncomfortable; it’s an agent of aging. Chronically dry skin more susceptible to wrinkling, and can make you look years older than you actually are. That’s why it’s essential that you moisturize day and night, especially if you live in a drier environment.

If you’re not familiar with moisturizer, talk to a dermatologist about your skin to find the best option for you. It’s also best to invest in an under-eye cream, as the skin underneath your eyes is thinner and more susceptible to fine lines. 

7. Smoking

Are you a smoker? Then you should know your habit is playing a huge role in the premature aging of your skin. That’s because the nicotine in cigarettes causes the blood vessels in your skin to narrow, which blocks vital nutrients from reaching your epidermis.

This issue causes your skin to wrinkle, and so does the position of holding a cigarette in your mouth. Besides that, smoking isn’t only bad for your skin; it’s been linked to diseases like cardiovascular disease, as well as lung cancer.

Are you a former smoker struggling with skin damage? Wish you knew how to turn back time and reduce the lines and wrinkles it’s caused? Learn more about removing smokers lines so you can get your skin back on track.

8. Drinking & Eating

Beyond just sugar, your general eating and drinking habits can greatly impact how your skin ages. Drinking alcohol not only damages your liver and kidneys, but it can cause facial redness, discoloration, and swelling, all of which make you look older and more worn. People who overdrink also tend to have poor muscle tone, as well as small spider veins across their face, which also make you look older.

A poor diet will also cause premature aging and wrinkling of your skin. That’s why it’s best to avoid eating foods that are high in fat, or anything that’s processed. These foods will cause inflammation that greatly contributes to the aging process.

Not sure what foods you should be eating? Here’s a short list of great anti-aging foods:

  • Blueberries
  • Papaya
  • Bell pepper
  • Broccoli
  • Citrus (rich in vitamin C)
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Avocado

These foods offer many benefits beyond their anti-aging properties. Just remember to drink plenty of water as well!

Final Thoughts on Premature Wrinkles

When it comes to aging, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By knowing the causes of premature wrinkles and how to avoid them, you can keep your skin looking fresh and bright for years to come.

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