Make the Mean Girls Jealous: How to Rock Your High School Reunion

school reunion on calendar

It’s finally here. Your chance to prove Mary from High School wrong. You’re going to your reunion and you need to make sure you look like as much of a success as you are.

You’re probably thinking you should have stuck to that last diet, but you didn’t. That doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a million bucks at your high school reunion!

First of all, your beauty isn’t related to weight and the average American woman is plus size. The number of people who are still “high school skinny” will be the minority.

Still feel like you should at least get ready somehow in advance? We’ve got your game plan, check out our tips to rock your reunion below.

Rocking Your High School Reunion

First of all, let’s take a deep breath. Before we get into hair, skin, and nails, have you done the most time-sensitive things?

Booked your flight and your hotel? Asked for work off? Found a babysitter if you need one? Secure those things to make sure you can actually go.

Then you can start getting yourself ready.

Step 1: Add-In 1 More Workout a Week

That’s right, all we’re asking is for one more. If you do a lot of cardio, add in a day of weight training. If all you do is weights, do a Zumba class or cardio once a week.

Complementing your current routine with something it’s low in will speed up whatever results you’re already getting. If you don’t work out at all, aim to do three high-intensity but short workouts a week.

These are usually called Tabata or HIIT and some gyms offer them in group class form.

That should be enough to firm up whatever areas feel a little jiggly before the big day. If you’re dealing with more than a little jiggle and have the funds, this company can help you out.

Step 2: Eat More Veggies

Yes, you knew this was going to be on the list. Can you eat a salad for lunch twice a week until the reunion? We’re not asking you to eat like a bunny.

These can be big, healthy salads. Make sure they have a fat (like avocado) and a protein (grilled chicken/meat). Throw fruit on there and let yourself have dressing.

Getting more vegetables into your system isn’t just about weight – they deliver nutrients to your hair and skin. The more fiber you have in your system, the quicker the waste moves through.

So you might feel thinner from being more regular in the bathroom.

Step 3: Drink More Water

Drinking water has a million benefits, but we’re only worried about two.

First of all, the more water you drink, the more weight you’ll lose. Second, the more you drink, the clearer and healthier your skin will be.

Drinking enough water is like lotioning your skin from the inside – even though that sounds creepy. It can also give you more energy and get this – make coffee work better.

If you’re constantly dehydrated than the diuretic effect of coffee takes energy away from your body, instead of adding it. Making sure you drink enough water to keep up with your coffee habit will fix that.

If you have a Fitbit, you’ll get extra steps in from running to the bathroom back and forth all day as your body adjusts. Hey, it’s the little wins!

Step 4: Forgive and Forget

Look, we all still have that one or three grudges against something someone did in high school. Maybe someone made a very embarrassing (yet spot on) joke about you in front of the whole class and even the teacher laughed.

It’s time to forgive them. Take a minute to write down whatever grudges you still have, then compare them to your life now. How little do those instances seem now?

Plus, we all did nasty things to each other in high school – teenagers are mean. Taking some time to get rid of grudges will assure you don’t get drunk and in a funk when it’s time to party.

Step 5: Plan Your Outfit

Much more fun than step four, step five is to plan your outfit. Study what the invitation says about dress code carefully. If you need a refresher about what each set of words mean, you can get that here.

Look through your closet and pick out the pieces that you feel awesome in. They may be a simple pair of jeans or your best boots. Plan your outfit around that, at least for one night.

If you need a new dress or blouse, bring the central item with you to try things on. Or order online, but make sure you take your measurements first.

If you don’t like the size you order, remember size numbers are so inconsistent, a 10 in one store could be a 4 in another.

Step 6: Moisturize!

The week before your reunion you need to slather on the moisturizer all over your body. Amp up your water (to a safe level) too.

Try to avoid salty foods and eat more veggies this week. You’ll be glowing when the day comes!

Two nights before, exfoliate using a gentle exfoliator before you moisturize. This will give your skin some time to recover from being sloughed off if you overdo it.

Go Have Fun!

The most important thing to remember about your high school reunion is that your lives aren’t all competitions. Try to stay away from constantly comparing yourself to others and be happy for their successes.

Finally, don’t get too drunk. While we usually wouldn’t care as long as you’re being safe – being around people you were silly with combined with alcohol leads to embarrassment.

And it’s not the kind you can leave in the past.

Need a few more skin tips before you go back in time? We’ve got those in spades.