3 Hot Plastic Surgery Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2019

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If you’re thinking about opting for a boob job as your next new plastic surgery procedure, you might want to think again. Boob jobs are on their way out. Thousands of American women are even going so far as to have their breast implants removed

If boob jobs are out, what’s in? What plastic surgery trends should you start to think about for 2019? Keep reading find out all the newest plastic surgery trends and the newest cosmetic procedures on the hot list!

What’s Out?

Before we dive into the new plastic surgery techniques you’ll want to have done in 2019, let’s quickly recap what’s on the way out.

First of all, big boob jobs are definitely a thing of the past. Celebrities across the board are getting their breast sizes reduced, instead. Say goodbye to Baywatch boobs and hello to your button-downs finally fitting right! 

Next up: surgical facelifts. There are tons of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery trends on the hot list now. Why put yourself through the wringer for the same effect?

2019’s Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends

Now that you know what’s out, let’s talk about what’s in. Lifts and fillers are the name of the new plastic surgery game in 2019. 

Brazilian Butt Lifts 

Number one on the list of hottest plastic surgery trends in 2019: the Brazilian butt lift. Stars like Kim Kardashian have ushered in the era of the high-rising butt, and no one is exempt!

Brazilian butt lifts have a great perk, too. The fat that’s used to plump up your derriere? It’s liposuctioned out from other problem areas you might want thinner, like your stomach, back, and thighs. That’s the definition of a win-win.

Facial Lifts

Invasive facelifts which target the face as a whole are out. New, minimally invasive lifts which target specific facial features are in.

Mouth lifts are growing in popularity especially. As we age, our mouths tend to begin to sag. A mouth lift can bring your smoocher back to its former glory.

Minimally invasive nose lifts are rising in popularity, too. Instead of going under the knife for a full-fledged nose job, many are opting instead for a bit of Botox at the base of the nose to make it appear younger. Botox in the nose can help fill in inconsistencies, too, which will return a youthful glow to your face. 


Speaking of youthful glows, fillers can provide just that! More and more are opting out of surgical procedures in favor of these lighter, easier procedures. They require less recovery time, and can make just as much of an impact.

Kylie Jenner is largely responsible for ushering in the new age of plump lips covered in matte lipstick. Lip fillers are the second-fastest growing cosmetic procedure done in the U.S. now. What’s not to love about a plump kisser?

Besides lips, tear trough fillers are also hot in 2019. If your undereye bags are super stubborn despite the countless containers of under-eye cream you’ve bought, a tear trough filler might be for you!  

Your New Look

You’ve read up on the hottest plastic surgery trends of 2019. Of course, all women are beautiful just the way they are, in all their imperfect glory.

It can be hard to maintain a strong self-esteem in the media-crazed world we live in today, though. There’s no shame in seeking a little cosmetic help to up your ego every now and again.

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