What to Wear? Here are 5 Trending Winter Outfits for Women

woman in winter outfit

The changing seasons mean you must explore the new winter trends for women. Summer trends were full of stripes and gingham, but what will winter bring us?

Winter styles for ladies continue to make a statement this year. Don’t be the only woman in town who forgets to embrace these hot trends!

Are you curious to know the hottest winter outfits for women?

Keep reading this post as we outline the top five trending winter outfits for women that you need to know about.

1. Winter Outfits for Women – Fur Coats

A staple item to have hanging up in your closet is a fur coat. Faux-fur trimmed coats not only look luxurious, but they keep you warm all winter long. 

Fur coats can also be dressed up or down depending on what activities you have planned for the season. Wear your favorite black fur coat to a fancy dinner party to dress accordingly. 

Statement coats look elegant when you pair them over turtlenecks and long maxi skirts. Wear a pair of stilettos to completely steal the show at your next silent auction function, too. 

Long shearling coats can be found in your favorite department stores, too. This incredibly chic coat is also versatile. Don’t be afraid to throw it on over jeans to go out and run errands, too. 

2. Winter Outfits with Lace-Up Boots

Another cool trend for the winter includes a pair of edgy combat boots. The lace-up boots can be paired with tights, a mini skirt, and a long sleeve top for a daytime look. 

Lace-up boots are the shoe of the season. You can even find these boots in an assortment of colors to choose from, too. You’ll also feel happy knowing most modern lace-up boots are exceptionally comfortable to walk in. 

If you already own a pair of black lace-up ankle boots, why not be adventurous and find a maroon pair? Colorful shoes are also unstoppable this season as more designers are revealing shoes in eccentric color palettes.

3. Leather Trousers

Want to be exceptionally on-point this year with your winter outfit? Wear a pair of leather trousers. 

Leather trousers, on women, can look fierce.

The leather fabric is not typically worn by women can create a very masculine feel to a look. Tie the outfit together with a slouchy oversized sweater and a simple pair of loafers. Style up your leggings this year with a leather pair of trousers. 

4. Patterned Sweaters

During the wintertime, everything you want to wear can feel dull. Most of the winter color hues are dark and gloomy. Challenge the norm when you wear a patterned sweater. 

Fair Isle sweaters look cheerful and preppy. When all else fails, experiment with a colorful Fair Isle sweater to elevate your look this winter. Online retailers, such as eb&ive, sell beautiful and fashionable sweaters.  

5. Cheetah Printed Everything

From cheetah printed heels to cheetah printed outerwear, you must invest in one wild print for the winter.

Cheetah continues to make a comeback in 2018. The print looks great as an accent against all of your darker tones, too. 

Want More Style Advice?

These are just a few of the top five winter outfits for women this season.

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