5 Unexpected Destination Wedding Ideas for the Adventurous Couple

beautiful country view

Are you and your love looking for an exciting and unusual venue for your destination wedding?

While many couples who choose a destination wedding pick the classic beach venue in the Bahamas, Florida, or Mexico, this typical choice may not appeal to the more adventurous pair.

There is an abundance of alternatives for those willing to travel, and there are places that may be more fit for those looking for something outside of the norm.

Moreover, it is important to consider the potential for a honeymoon in whichever location you ultimately decide upon.

As well, you may need to consider your ultimate budget for travel, as some countries can be less expensive to visit.

Read on to discover five unique and breathtaking destination wedding ideas for you and your adventure-seeking other. 

Adventurous Destination Wedding Ideas

The average destination wedding can actually cost just as much as a regular wedding, if not less

This is shocking considering that you get to travel to faraway places for an event you are going to have anyways!

A destination wedding can also be easier to manage in some ways because many venues are completely inclusive, which means less planning on your end.

Check out these five beautiful venues to start dreaming up your perfect day.

1. An Austrailian Beach

Have you always wanted to see the land down under and all of its unique glory?

Austrailia is truly a world all on its own, with famous cities like Sydney and Melbourne, to ancient natural landscapes, there are few places in the world quite like this continent.

Consider wedding venues that are close enough to a big city for you and your guests to easily fly into, but far enough away to give you a taste of the nature of the country.

2. The Italian Countryside

For the wine lovers and the history buffs alike, the Italian countryside offers the ideal setting. 

With sweeping views of grape fields and sunflowers, alongside the notable cities Florence and Rome, Italy can provide the perfect backdrop and culture to marry the love of your life.

3. A Hungarian Castle

Have you always dreamed of a fairytale wedding in some faraway, ancient land? That doesn’t have to be a fantasy anyone, with the wide variety of venues available in Hungary.

This Eastern European country is much cheaper than most of Western Europe while maintaining a unique charm.

4. The Alaskan Wilderness

Alaska is the perfect option for the couple craving a more rugged adventure. The snowy mountaintops, ocean views, and waterfalls are one of the most scenic spots on Earth to get married. 

5. A Californian Mountaintop

A final option for those looking to get married somewhere in America is California, on the top of a gorgeous mountain.

If you choose this unique wedding spot, the pictures are sure to be truly otherworldly in the years to come.

Final Thoughts on Destination Weddings

A destination wedding can be the perfect excuse for a getaway for the couple and the family alike.

Often times, those that value traveling and experiences choose the destination wedding because it is the natural thing for them to do, based on who they are.

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