When Diets Don’t Work: A Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss Surgeries

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When most people hear the term “weight loss surgery”, they immediately think of liposuction or a tummy tuck. These just cosmetic surgeries, though. They only “fix” obesity at the surface; they don’t do anything to prevent a patient from re-gaining the weight removed. 

Weight loss surgeries that focus on matters below the surface are a completely different story. These help patients lose weight and create better eating habits. They offer long-term health results and improve people’s overall quality of life, rather than giving someone a quick (and temporary) fix. 

There are many kinds of weight loss surgeries that can do this. Below is a quick overview of 3 popular types of weight loss surgery that offer long-term solutions to fight obesity.

1. A Sleeve Gastrectomy 

A sleeve gastrectomy is when part of the stomach is removed from the body. The remaining part is made into a tube and continues to function as a regular-sized stomach would in terms of digestion. 

But, there are some positive differences that contribute to the weight loss process. 

The main difference is that the stomach doesn’t produce as much of the ghrelin hormone, which is what tells a person that they’re hungry. More so, the modified stomach can’t hold as much food as a regular one can, so a person feels full in a shorter amount of time whenever they sit down to eat.

2. A Gastric Bypass 

A gastric bypass is a surgery that focuses on the top of the stomach. A surgeon makes a small pouch with this part of the stomach, which becomes the only portion of the entire stomach that receives food. 

This means it’s much easier for patients to feel full. They won’t be as likely to overeat throughout the day or even eat one big meal anymore. Instead, patients can enjoy eating all kinds of food but in smaller, more reasonable portions. 

In time, this helps a patient achieve the weight loss goals they’ve been trying to reach with traditional diet and exercise methods. 

3. An Adjustable Gastric Banding 

The next option weight loss surgery patients have is an adjustable gastric banding. It’s a more complex procedure which is ideal to get done from the best bariatric surgeon you can find.

An adjustable gastric band creates a stomach pouch in a similar way that a gastric bypass does. However, this is done by placing materials into a person’s body rather than using the parts of the body. 

The surgery begins with a band that is attached to the top of the stomach. This band has an inflatable balloon which serves the same purpose as the pouch of a gastric bypass. Then, a port is fixed in place under the abdomen and attached to the tube. 

The result? A balloon that can be inflated or deflated by the injection of fluids into the body, and the ability to feel fuller faster when eating.

Choosing Among Different Weight Loss Surgeries

It’s one thing to understand the difference between the weight loss surgeries mentioned above and surgeries that are purely cosmetic. But, it’s a different story to understand which of all the options out there is best for you!

The smartest way to choose is to consult your doctor. Tell them about your struggles with obesity and ask what they recommend. Talk to cosmetic surgeons and bariatric surgeons to make sure you have all the information you need. 

Whatever you do, though, keep in mind that surgery can’t solve all your problems. It’s up to you to start eating healthier and creating better habits as a whole if you really want your life to improve. 

Focusing on eating more vitamins is a good place to start.

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