Top 10 Best Places for Solo Vacations as a Black Woman

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According to marketing firm MMGY Global in a survey of 2,300 people, the number of people traveling solo is on the rise from the one in four people projected to travel solo in 2018.

Solo travel can be about more than seeing the sights. It can be about discovering your roots and a journey of self-reflection.

Continue reading to learn about 10 top travel spots for black women who take solo vacations.

Make Your Solo Vacations Memorable With These Amazing Spots

There’s no need to wait for a girl’s weekend to get your travel on. There are so many places to see and waiting for a traveling companion to get time off work isn’t necessary.

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1) Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you think of the “Sunny City,” your first thought might not be able the rich culture and history. Most of us think about going to the beach and catching some rays. After you’ve soaked up some sun, there are plenty of other things to see and do in Fort Lauderdale.

Visit the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center for free. This facility is one of only four African-American research libraries in the country. There are over 60,000 square feet of books, electronic material, and periodicals related to African-American and Caribbean culture and history located here.

Also, keep an eye on the events calendar for events like the Women of Color Empowerment Conference and the Black Tennis Celebration.

2) New York City, NY

In 1626, the first documented Africans arrived at New Amsterdam which was later renamed, New York.

NYC is a premier hub for black culture with cultural sights like:

  • Bad Boy Entertainment
  • Dance Theatre of Harlem
  • Apollo Theatre
  • Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

When in NYC, sights that cannot be missed are those of Times Square, Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, Carnegie Hall, Statue of Liberty, and Lincoln Center.

3) Nashville, TN

Nashville goes head to head with Chicago as the home of Gospel music. The state capital also has many museums and themed restaurants to keep you busy day and night.

In 1794, the first Black hotel in Nashville opened. It was operated by Robert Renfro who was a licensed innkeeper. The tavern was known as Black Bob’s.

If you love going to church, there are plenty of options in Nashville with churches like the National Baptist World Center, St. John AME Church, Mount Zion Baptist Church and more.

4) Atlanta, GA

Visit Atlanta to see the Martin Luther King Jr Visitor Center with its Courage to Lead and Children of Courage exhibit, the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture & History, APEX Museum and True Colors Theatre.

There are many shopping opportunities with various shops and galleries throughout the town that offer the latest styles. Shrine of the Black Madonna Bookstore and Gems of Africa are two of the shopping favorites when visiting Atlanta.

5) Grand Canyon in Arizona

Over 5 million people from all corners of the world visit the Grand Canyon National Park each year.

Visiting the mile deep and 1900 square mile Grand Canyon is enough to put our size into perspective. There are four main areas to visit to see the Grand Canyon, but the South Rim is a great choice for a gorgeous viewpoint.

6) Orlando, FL

Conferences, theme parks and concerts come to mind when visiting Orlando, Florida. Timing your visit around the calendar of events can allow you to see your favorite concert, comedy act, and amusement park all in one visit.

Venture a short way north of Orlando to Eatonville to visit the oldest Black town in America.

7) Dallas, TX

Dallas is a great place for nightlife. If you want to dance to jazz, hip-hop, R&B or soul, you’ve got your choice in Dallas.

After dancing the night away, you can see historical and cultural sights like Freedman’s Cemetery where the remains of over 7,000 African-Americans rest. These graves date back to the day of the original Freedman’s Town in a corner of North Dallas.

8) San Diego, CA

A beautiful beach destination with plenty of white sand, San Diego should be a must visit for any sisters traveling solo. The seals at La Jolla are a very entertaining sight.

The San Diego Zoo is one of the places African-American travelers should go through. The zoo houses more than 3,500 rare and endangered animals and is located conveniently just North of downtown San Diego in Balboa Park.

9) Birmingham, AL

Plan a long visit to Birmingham if you plan on seeing all the cultural sights or take in the nightlife or see the art museum. Don’t forget the many restaurants where you can get your favorite soul food. BBQ ribs, pot roast, fried fish and sides like mac and cheese and turnip greens will keep your taste buds happy.

10) Phuket Thailand

Maybe you want to go somewhere outside of the US. One of the most beautiful and popular tourist attractions in the world is Phuket Thailand.

Phuket is located in southwest Thailand and is the home of many fun and exciting tourist activities. If you’re going to visit Phuket, you must see Big Buddha, and it will be hard to miss since it is visible from most places on the island. Thalang Road gives you options for shopping, food and interesting architecture.

There are luxury resorts that can be affordable depending on the time you book your travels. Food, massages and pure relaxation in some of the most beautiful places you can imagine are available here in Phuket.

Your Dream Vacation Is Waiting

As more people seek self-awareness and peace of mind, solo vacations are on the rise. Whether you are on a trip to find yourself, have fun in a new location or to meet new and interesting people, vacationing solo is a great experience.

Learning how to become more empowered as a woman will take you to new places with new experiences. Learn more about other ways to show yourself love and step into your independence by reading our most popular articles like this article on why you should buy yourself flowers.