Don’t Wait for a Man! Why You Should Buy Yourself Flowers Instead

bouquet of flowers

A man presenting flowers to a woman is often seen as the ultimate romantic gesture.

As such, receiving flowers is something we treasure, for the sentiment of love they symbolize as much as for their beauty. But, not all of us can count on a man to give us flowers.

We as women have learned to count on ourselves when it comes to realizing our dreams, whether that means solo traveling or enjoying a movie date for one. So, stop waiting for a man to spoil you and read on to find out why you should buy yourself flowers!

Life’s Too Short to Wait

If we spent all our lives waiting for other people we’d never get anything done. These days, when we want something, we go out and get it rather than waiting for things to happen.

We don’t expect to be handed our dream job, or for everything to fall into place through luck, so why are flowers the one thing we wait to be given?

Next time you think to yourself, ‘I want flowers’, don’t wait around for a man to do the honors, order some for yourself – click here for more info.

Show Yourself Some Love

Women often put their needs last, especially if they have a family to look after. But, self-care practices are essential for your health and well-being.

Positive affirmations, eating nourishing foods and exercising are all ways to show yourself some love. As is treating yourself to some ‘just because’ flowers. So, buy those beautiful roses and love yourself!

It’s Empowering

Destiny’s Child sang about buying their own shoes, clothes and diamonds way back in 2001. So, if women can buy their own jewels, what’s stopping you from buying flowers for yourself?

Buying flowers might not be a big expense, but it’s a big step towards showing yourself how you’re an independent woman, just like Beyonce and co.

They’re the Perfect Pick-Me-Up

When we’re feeling down, we often look to things outside of ourselves to brighten our mood. Comfort foods, beauty treatments and retail therapy are often high on the list.

But, flowers are a calorie-free treat that will cheer you up for just a few bucks. So, next time you’re in need of a pick-me-up and wonder, ‘what should I buy for myself?’, head to the florist!

Flowers Brighten Up Your Home

Just like plants, flowers breathe life into your space and even help filter out toxins.

Flowers are also an effortless way to brighten up minimalist interiors without having to redecorate. And, you’ll also benefit from their gorgeous perfume, which is more natural than the scent of an expensive candle.

Why You Should Buy Yourself Flowers

Flowers a great way to show yourself some love. But, flowers can also symbolize many other things, from gratitude to friendship.

So, what better gift to give your best friend than a beautiful bouquet of flowers? And of course, it would be rude not to buy yourself flowers at the same time!