5 Bachelorette Party Ideas That Every Bride to Be Will Love

bachelorette party ideas

So, your best friend since you were 13 is getting married. How exciting!

The two of you have probably dreamed of this day since you met in eighth grade. You talked about the gown, the cake, and the venue.

You’ve spent hours binge-watching 90-Day Fiance and Bridezillas — you know, for a couple of lessons in what not to do.

Now the big day is drawing closer. You’ve got your bridesmaid’s dress, right?

Whew! One less thing to worry about.

The other source of stress — planning the bachelorette party is about to become one less worry for you, too.

We’ve got five bachelorette party ideas that will create a day your BFF and all your friends will never forget!

1. Forget Vegas, Try Glamping Instead

Las Vegas is Sin City. Home of bright lights, lots of liquor, and the occasional Hangover. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

But, it’s so obvious, it’s not even exciting anymore! Every year Vegas makes a top 10 bachelor/bachelorette party destination list.

Be different! Be bold! Go Glamping!

Yes, glamping. Now, this might not be for everybody, but if your bride-to-be bestie loves the outdoors — and road trips — this may be one of the best bachelorette party ideas you can come up with.

Invite your nearest and dearest friends, rent an RV, and hit the road. The possibilities are endless.

Regardless of where you live, this country is full of beautiful scenery. Take it in while getting closer to your girlfriends at the same time.

2. Spa Getaway

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Plan the bachelorette party at a local spa for the day. Or, make it a weekend getaway.

Without question, the bride needs a break. She’s been stressing and planning her wedding for months and just needs a little R&R before the final stages begin.

Plus, she’s not the only one who can benefit from reflexology. Being a bridesmaid or a maid of honor is stressful too!

3. Wine Tasting Tour

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy a wine tasting tour. In fact, when you don’t know what you’re supposed to be tasting and smelling, it can be a lot of fun!

There are more than 8,700 wineries in the U.S., so you can go local or make it a destination party. You can even throw this in as an add-on during a glamping or spa getaway weekend!

4. Reset at a Retreat

This is definitely thinking outside of the Vegas box! But, why not go on a retreat?

There are companies that specialize in all kinds of different retreats. There are retreats for thrill seekers, team building, horseback riding/ranching, and even cooking.

But, the downside may be booking this one. Make sure you pick the retreat and plan well in advance.

5. Destination: Unknown

Planning a bachelorette party without having an actual destination is silly. We know that!

But, renting a small yacht or boat for a weekend can make it feel like you have no place to be in particular. Talk about relaxing!

Unless you head closer to the equator, this bachelorette party idea may only be doable in the summer,

The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas and More

The purpose of a bachelorette party is all about having fun. But, each bride’s idea of fun is different.

And that’s the most important thing to keep in mind.

When you’re reviewing bachelorette party ideas, make sure you choose one that fits your friend’s personality. Is she wild and bold or quiet and reserved?

We’ve given you five ideas that will kick-start your bachelorette party planning that will fit every personality. They’ll also give the bride and — and all your friends — memories that will last a lifetime.

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