5 Fashion Tips from French Women That Every American Woman Needs to Learn

french women

Every country has had its own contributions to fashion, but France is the fashion capital of the world. So many major fashion houses got their start there or are headquartered there today, and Paris fashion week is consistently the industry’s biggest event.

So what is it about French fashion that makes the rest of the world stop and pay attention? It’s the way that French women wear it. You can buy the same dress in France that you can anywhere else in the world, but there’s something about French women style that makes it different.

The good news is, the secrets to French style are easy for anyone to pull off. Below, we’re sharing five fashion tips that American women can steal for themselves. Read on to learn more!

1. Less Is More

Minimalism isn’t a trend in French fashion, it’s a way of life. Even without outrageous prints or extreme embellishment, French women always manage to capture attention. They live by a “less is more” philosophy that is easy for any woman to adopt.

Pick on part of your outfit that you want to stand out. Maybe it’s a brightly colored skirt or a bold print on your top. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and streamlined, and you’ll stand out without looking like you tried too hard.

2. When In Doubt, Wear Black

While some may criticize black as being boring, a stylish French woman knows the truth. Black is classic, effortless, and appropriate for every occasion.

And you don’t have to wear it head to toe to benefit from its natural elegance. Accessorize with a pop of color on a shoe or a purse, and we guarantee your black outfit will be anything but basic.

3. Mix High-End with Budget-Friendly

There is no denying that France is a mecca for high-end fashion. But any French woman knows that an expensive price tag doesn’t necessarily mean something is stylish. Flea markets, small businesses, and budget-friendly fashion lines are a treasure trove of stylish pieces.

Invest in the things you know you’ll wear forever, like a great coat or a beautifully crafted pair of boots. Mix those pieces with the more inexpensive items that catch your eye for a unique look.

4. Fit Matters

Despite the country’s reputation for couture, French women style their closets with pieces bought off the rack, just like American women do. The difference is in the tailoring.

French women take the time to make sure pieces are perfectly tailored to their bodies. The right fit makes even inexpensive clothes look like they cost much more.

5. Avoid Trends

French style has evolved, but it hasn’t changed. This can be seen in the way brands like Jacquemus style their clothes. The pieces are modern and relevant, but classic.

Avoid the temptation to buy whatever is trending at the time, and stick with items you know you love and you feel confident wearing.

Ready to Model Your Style After French Women?

The secrets that makes French women so fashionable aren’t really secrets at all. A few simple updates to your wardrobe–and your approach to fashion–can make you as stylish as anyone walking the streets of Paris.

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