Beyond Recovery: How To Clean Your Body Of Drugs And Alcohol Once Your Sober

how to clean your body of drugs

Life after addiction is an impossible thought when gripped by its darkness. Drug abuse rewired the mind and left your body ruined. Yet, the human spirit prevails.

We’ve come a long way in the treatment of addiction. Addiction is far less demonized than in its prior years. This acceptance gave rise to support channels helping addicts commit to their recovery.

This article shares how to clean your body of drugs after a recovery. It details the long road ahead of becoming whole again.

How to Clean Your Body of Drugs in 3 Steps

As drugs in your system clear, you’ll experience short and long-term effects. The short-term effects are hellish, causing body pains and mental anguish. Long-term effects are psychological as the body’s physical addiction lifts.

Unfortunately, years of drug abuse may have caused harm like:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Insomnia, anxiety, and depression
  • Organ scarring and damage

Thrusting into major lifestyle changes may cause a relapse so it’s best to take things slow. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Create a Support Network

Stress and peer influence are two major causes of relapse. It’s a tough decision but it may be necessary you remove the negative influences in your life. These negative influences may be family members and close friends.

Seek positive people willing to support your commitment. These people encourage healthy decisions like eating right and being active. They also provide support when you’re feeling distraught, offering advice stopping your relapse.

Where can you find these folks?

  • Local support groups
  • Online recovery communities
  • Sponsorships

…or your closest friends and family.

Step 2: Get Active and Outgoing

The first few weeks post-withdrawal is a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. The temptation to relapse is heaviest during stressful moments during this time.

Seek positive distractions:

  • Go to the gym, walk, or ride a bike
  • Pick up classes or attend more social events
  • Journal your progress and create challenging goals

Don’t let yourself become idle during these moments else you may find your way back to drugs out of boredom. Recovery is rediscovering who you are, stay distracted from the “voice” of addiction.

Step 3: Treat Your Body and Mind

The body has an amazing ability to repair itself but it requires healthy living and activity. You’ll find this physical improvement a positive to your mental well-being, too!


  • Replenishing through opioid or alcohol withdrawal vitamins
  • Switching to healthy, nutritious meals you enjoy
  • Doing regular exercise like cardio or weight lifting


  • Get a full 8-hours of restful sleep
  • Practice mindfulness and self-love
  • Try new hobbies and interests

Find ways to include these items every day and build on what’s effective. You’ll squelch the “voice” of addiction by way of your positive daily routine. Your glow will fair outweigh the temptation of drug use.

Every Day Sober is a Success

A sober day is a successful day in the grand scheme of things even if you don’t feel your best. Learning how to clean your body of drugs sets in motion a compounding effect of positivity.

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