Half Empty or Half Full: Do You Know the Real Glass of Wine Serving Size?

wine serving size

Have you ever noticed when you go to a restaurant or bar and order a glass of wine, it typically arrives less than half-full? This might seem like some kind of trickery aimed at increasing profits, but that’s not the case. The standard wine serving size is actually a mere five ounces.

What’s up with this tiny pour, and what are the implications of topping off your glass? Let’s take a look.

Bar and Restaurant Wine Serving Standards

First of all, if the standard wine serving size is 5 ounces across the board, why are wine glasses so big? And why do they come in so many shapes and sizes?

The answer to this is simple.

The shape of each wine glass accentuates the flavors of the type of wine it’s designed for. The extra space is there to allow drinkers to swirl their wine, releasing aromas and improving the taste.

The Difference When Drinking at Home

Having a fancy glass of wine while out on the town is one thing, but that’s not where we do all of our drinking. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work or relaxing with the girls while binge-watching chick-flicks, drinking wine at home is standard practice in many households.

Americans consumed over 780 million gallons of table wine last year, and you can bet not all of that was done with five-ounce pours. If you aren’t worried about swirling and sipping your wine, does topping off your glass do any harm?

The Dangers of Over-Consumption

While one glass of wine can help you relax, over-consumption creates an array of negative side-effects. The dangers of drinking even a little bit too much include premature aging, impaired liver function, insomnia, and weight gain.

Paying attention to how much wine you pour in your glass, and how many times you refill it, can make a big difference in improving your health.

Taking Control of Your Wine Serving Size

You don’t have to be a math genius to take control of your wine serving size. To figure out how many glasses of wine are in a bottle, look at how many ounces are in a glass of wine and how many oz are in a bottle of wine.

I’ll do the math for you.

A standard 750-mL bottle of wine contains approximately five glasses. Aim to split each bottle into fifths, and drink only one fifth at a time. This is the simplest way to take control of your serving sizes.

A Major Step in Your Health Journey

Understanding the correct wine serving size and cutting back on your drinking are major steps in your journey to wellness. Get a head start on making 2019 your best year ever by bookmarking our health and wellness blogs and checking back often. Here you’ll find all the latest health tips and life hacks to help you live your very best life.