5 Unconventional Wedding Dresses For Quirky Brides

unconventional wedding dresses

The wedding industry is a flourishing place, bringing in nearly 72 billion dollars. And The average bride will spend $1700 on her dress along with other elements like venues, photographer, catering, and music choice.

The ever-popular white wedding dress was birthed from Queen Victoria in the Victorian era and though it has undergone countless fashion transitions, one thing stands firm: it’s almost always white.

But what if you don’t want the traditional look for your wedding day? What if you want something, say, more unconventional? Something that speaks to your personal style?

That’s OK! This is your wedding and finding a dress that makes you feel special, and one you are comfortable in is important.

So if you’re a bride who’s just not sure about all the fluff, lace, and sparkle, here’s a collection of 5 unconventional wedding dresses to wow everyone on your big day.

Go For Color

A colored wedding gown can be a brilliant choice. Any color will do that fits your personality and skin tone. Greens, bright reds, gold, and even black are coming onto the scene. A mix of colors like golds and ivory A colored wedding dress can be accomplished beautifully without looking gaudy and be a stunning focal point for photos.

Wedding Jumpsuit

If you’re not into dresses, a jumpsuit is comfortable and still provides an element of sophistication and bridal fashion. They can be glamorous, with lace and embellishments, or simple and sophisticated. Wedding jumpsuits look amazing when combined with a jacket, especially during chilly weather.

Pair them with your wedding shoes and you’re ready to walk down the aisle.

Short Wedding Dress

Not everyone dreams of the long trains or length of classic gowns. A short dress or tea length can be incredibly lovely and versatile. Perfect for those outdoor weddings, civil ceremonies, or as an easy transition from ceremony to reception.

There are so many different variations, ranging from long-sleeved to two-piece, that you can’t go wrong.

Short dresses also could mean fewer alterations.

Embroidery And Patterns

Like color, patterns and colored embroidery are emerging as well. These make for some of the coolest wedding dresses and give a pop of personality to your gown. Florals, metallics, beads, even birds and stars, and other patterns are sure to be stunning and suit your style and making heads turn.


Feathers were often seen more in headpieces and as an added touch to a gown, but a full-feathered dress is coming into the wedding trend in 2019 that makes for a very fun, yet unusual wedding dress. However, unconventional they may be, the feather dress is created in such a way that takes places of embellishments and provides more structural elements that you can pull off flawlessly.

Unconventional Wedding Dresses: Go Big For Your Big Day

No matter which dresses you choose, or how you plan your wedding, this is sure to be the happiest day of your life. Unconventional wedding dresses can set the stage for an amazing day because you feel comfortable and confident. Be sure to check out all the options listed above and see which is right for you.

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