A Fashionista’s Complete Guide to Organizing a Bedroom Closet

bedroom closet

Whether you’re looking to save a little space or turn your bedroom closet into something straight out a scene from Clueless, organizing can turn your wardrobe space into something beautiful.

Read on to learn more about how to get your master bedroom closet looking like you spend thousands on a pro closet organizer.

Methods for Organizing

One of the most popular organization methods is to organize your closet by length. This means all hanging shirts, blouses, and sweaters next to one another.

If you choose to hang your pants and slacks, you’ll want to keep them adjacent to your shirts and blouses. The next length you’ll want to plan for is your dresses.

Dresses should be sorted into two lengths, cocktail and maxi. Maxi dresses should be hung in an area with unused floor space. If you store your shoes on the floor, you’ll want to keep them away from your maxi dresses, especially if your maxi dresses graze the floor of the closet.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and get a full closet overhaul, consider getting a quote from a professional. Whether you’re looking to add a few shelves or you’re looking for the best fitted wardrobes in west lothian, there’s a pro ready to give your closet its own Mariah Carey moment.

A Word About Maxi Dresses

Keeping your maxi dresses out of the way is important. Long dresses that are stored in the middle of your closet can conceal all sorts of items you need. Ever spent the morning hunting for a missing shoe?

Keeping your maxi dresses out of the way can also help you keep the hem of your garments from getting soiled. This preventable damage can help you to keep your clothes looking newer longer and can save you some serious cash on dry cleaning.

While not considered, formal occasion dresses can be a huge waste of space in your bedroom closet. Chances are your evening finery isn’t something you wear all the time, so pack it up and get it out of there.

Storing the items you don’t use regularly can be a great way to give your bedroom closet a quick makeover.

Short on Space in Your Bedroom Closet?

Running short on space? Reach for a plastic storage container (or five).

Sometimes having the closet of your dreams means having to choose between buying the clothes of your dreams or footing the bill for the digs with a walk-in closet. Fortunately, you can make the most of the space you have by keeping your bedroom closet ready for your seasonal wardrobe.

While this method requires a bit of effort, you’ll have all of the items you wear regularly easily accessible. Know where your favorite items are when you need them will help you create memorable outfits true to your fashionista style.

When the seasons begin to change, pack up those seasonal favorites and space-sucking sweaters. Store them away for safekeeping and exchange them for a bin full of clothes ready for summer.

The bonus? It’ll still feel like Christmas when you’re opening up a box of items you haven’t seen in some time.

More Great Tips for Fashionistas

Do you still look at your bedroom closet and feel like you don’t have anything to wear? The answer might be as close by as your smart phone.

Whenever you feel great about an outfit you’ve created, snap a selfie in a full length mirror and store it in a special folder in your photos. Having a library of your favorite outfits can help you revisit your favorite fashion moments, without having to make a mess out of your newly organized bedroom closet.

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